It is a story of a common man who moves out of his home to another city, to earn some money to feed his stomach. Is it really hard to earn some penny by living outside from home? For some it can be for others it cannot be. It is a story of a person who moves out from his comfort zone to search his live for getting some respect from the society.

He left his city with the hopes in his eyes. He challenged himself to earn some income according to his skills in another city. He was seeing himself as a shahrukh khan, dhirubhai ambani who left their places like him to earn name and fame. The things which he was unaware about were the key things to live life in a different city among different people of different region.

The first few days were the difficult one for him. He didn’t have the shelter to live. Each day he woke up with false hope to get some work and to get some income. He was not in a condition to feed his stomach. Sometimes he thinks about life that it should not be like this. It would be better if he had chosen to live only in his home city. He was much skilled to get the work but here there are many jobless like him. He cursed the day on which he had chosen to learn the skills.

He thinks to live his life like an ordinary people who didn’t even pass the high school but still get some work. He cursed his situation in which neither he was earning a money neither he want to choose lower work than his skills. The days were passed slowly and steadily but he never got the work neither shelter nor food. One fine day his savings got over. He felt terrible to earn something but he didn’t saw the chance to get some work.

He was having the options to choose work of a labor, watchman, security guard but he didn’t pick up any. He was seeing himself in a dearth of confidence. He was keen to get some work but he was not able to clear any interview.

The days passed and month passed but he didn’t have any. It’s almost months and he was not sure about what to do. He knew that he was the best in his skills but there were many more best than him. He was sure that he was the one having all job needs but he was not the one with all job connections. He wanted to quit his life as he cannot go back again to his home. He wanted to weep on the roads because no one was there to help him. He was in trouble to get the food but no one was there to feed him back.

He was in the disastrous situation one can not imagine him to be. There were the questions that he wants from life.

1)   Who is responsible for the unemployment, he or his skills?
2)   Who is responsible for his struggle, he or his decisions?
3)   Who is responsible for his condition, he or his hope?

He was not believed on any and started to following hope to get a work someday. After 1 year he got the work for just 5000 bucks. He was happy with that but his skills were diminished because of waiting so long and the work he got was from the same field but lower than his skills. He was happy because he left the hope and joined a race like other people are living their life. The society got to know about his job.

The society which doesn’t care about during his struggle days just came out to present the thoughts. Society told him that he is going to end his life in the same way as rest 99 percent of the world. He was astonished by the expressions. He wanted some praise but he got rejections. He was thinking to find the answer whether it is really true that hard work always pays off. He doesn’t know about how people make it large in their life. He still wants to become the man with values but he his hopeless because it seems life has ended for him.



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