The wipeout of CONGRESS and rise of AAP : DELHI 2015


After today’s exit polls it is clear that Congress is not going to come again in power very easily. Earlier voter was always drifting between Congress and BJP now they have an option coming in the form of AAP, Last year I was keeping eye on the elections and found that voter was in dilemma to choose between aap and bjp as aap was the new party so voters believed on bjp for government but some part of voter preferred aap thus results were astonished, Nobody was in majority. Aap got 28 seats, Congress 8 seats. BJP was there like any other elections.

I am not going to talk about LokSabha it carries a different genre on the country level but let’s talk about 2015. AAP is gaining about 45+ percentage of votes in Delhi nearly about 50% in exit polls .It is clear that if voters are believing AAP in centre may be days are not ahead when the whole country will start believing on it if AAP will really able to do what it is promising with the delhites.

The problem with the congress is all about leadership. The party is not having any vision, future, cadre and people who can actually sit and think about the country by lifting themselves above the Gandhi parivar. If they can really do politics they must do in a right way, Whole party is just a silent spectator of election with not even hopes to win it.

The problem with the BJP is attitude, arrogance and the way it is leading the governance. People mandate them to rule the country but what they are doing. They are fighting like any businessman. They are believing and acting on numbers. They are passing elections like high school exam where students think more about percentage than knowledge. Same what they are doing in between development and vote shares. They never think to do some talks regarding development except in doing number calculation in terms of seats. I never saw them talking about something that is really need to talk about but they are more responsible in finding mistakes of others. So the party is going to be same again in near future.

Why AAP is a different because they are thinking by not following the same pattern what our country is following from last 3 decades. The party is asking votes in the name of development, education and most important the level of people working in it. The people really want to change the country to a better stage. Its rise of their vote shares mostly coming from congress. Earlier the people who were supporting congress are now developing touch towards AAP and I will see BJP is same from last 20 years.

I do not know what will happen after the real results but I want to see AAP fighting this time. If they are getting mandate on 10th then this time they must do some real work by keeping trust of the Delhi people. I want to see party in a country which is responsible for development and Education and AAP is becoming a real alternative what these results are showing.



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