entrepreneurs or job


india is developing country moreover a lot of people graduating every year but not many of them are desired to get job of their qualification.
many of us got struck by the plan ........why they paying so low instead we have a lot of knowledge to improve their business plans.we are looking for a job with handsome salary but as you know there is a lot of competition for a single job so recruiter went for those who are ready to work on less wage ...although they have same amount of knowledge.then many of them got frustrated and work for them.job is just like the "just obey your boss" but if you are in a good company like in any mnc u will love to do job..as you will love their culture,their traditions,their working style and a lot you will learn from them...and if you fail to get that kind of job you are just going into environment where your life becomes hectic.
so there comes another breed of people who thinks forward for the sake of life and for the sake of man kind we call them "entrepreneurs" they are the ones who are capable of doing a lot in life and dont want anybody rule on them..they just want to change the era with some of their good ideas..they go for the struggles,they look to their dreams "they are not the consumer of job but the creator of jobs"....the world changes because of  them they know how a single stone is converted into the big mountains....thus they struggle,they listen,they starts revolution,they love the sorrow but at the end they won the dreams,lifestyle and of course their value.

so if you are a people willing to do for yourself and want some enjoyment,suspense,meaning in life go for entrepreneurship and else if you want a security,money,peace,day to night work go for job.

best of luck! 



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