Why you should never ignore the First renewal of domain


Today I got a mail to renew the domain of this website. When I checked my mail it warns me about expiry on March 15. I never thought about it in last year but suddenly mail made me think about it. I was sure to keep on writing and thus clicked on the link and renewed it. Although my website is not giving me any income from it but still it gives me freedom to share my thoughts to the entire world. I am suggesting you some reasons about why you should never ignore First renewal of domain ?

Reason 1 – Spending money on something you love to do boost it to do more effectively. Free services are like free food in which you never desire to feel the taste in the dish. Someone is providing free domain and hosting that’s why no one never care about its taste and determination towards it. If you are paying something to run the hobby, it motivates you every day to use each penny of investment in it.

Reason 2 – You have just started the journey to an online platform and its only one year of your life in it. You can never judge your success with in it. It takes a lot a lot of years to become what you think to deserve. First renewal is like a lifeline to continue your journey in more effective way.

Reason 3 – Domain is a part of your life now. In last year you don’t know about the number of websites and pages having its link on it. You have created a brand in last year and if you do not renew it, brand will die without any recognition. The efforts you had put in the last year may give you some results this year. You will lose a chance by not renewing it.

Reason 4 – There are the skills that you have gained in a one year of journey. Renewing your domain means you are going to tell a part of it to the whole world. You will feel the confidence from inside for running a website for a year and now continuing to other year.

Reason 5 – There are some people who are attached with your website during its journey. They always keep on searching some new articles in it. If you write good there are huge number of readers reading your articles throughout the day. Renewing your domain may give them a reason to faith you. They know how you have developed this website from scratch and continuing to another year means to get some good articles in coming year.



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