“Childhood promises “what is it?

There were promises we made in our childhood with our self that one day when I will grow up then I will do this or that activity in my spare and leisure time .As most of us already grown up but don’t try to fulfill any promises . Check this picture for sometime ….

 Yeah you got it I am not a great artist but I am also not pretending to be. This picture is only the creation of my mind that is showing my bad art skills but a serious topic.

Do you have ever realized that life is very fast? One time we promise particular thing and other time we promise some different things. We know from our heart that if it is not going to happen this time it will never happen again but still we neglect it at a particular point and throw it to in some unknown future time which will never going to come.

There were many hobbies like painting, singing, writing, playing, dancing, reading e.t.c we love to do in our childhood. Even for some hobby we could fight for anyone but as we grow up slowly everything becomes happening for a reason. We start making decisions about profits and loss in our time and all the hobbies were getting lost in some corner with each passing time.

My question is all about why people neglect all those things that they liked in their childhood. There is a difference between passion and hobby people must understand it. When I see some 20-25 people playing games on a ground I feel happy. When I see some smile on the face of a working man I see clear satisfaction in his/her eyes. That’s all just because they are following their hobby. At the age of 35-45 some people wants to get back their 20’s to live it again because they never did anything when they were having energy to do that, now they feel bored like a typical people who lost their life in doing some activities that they never liked in their life. 

So never regret for past do at present what you can .Its all about living life to the fullest extent and fullest means “ THE WAY WE USE TO SEE LIFE IN OUR CHILDHOOD”.



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