Focus in the era of Technology


Our whole life productivity depends upon this single word “Focus”. A person who wants to attain and achieve something from life is need to be focused towards his/her goal but my question – is it possible in the era where so many distractions available at the fingertip?

We are not getting bored in today’s world, even for a second if we have nothing to do our automatically search for mobile phones start processing and soon we are into the world of limitless knowledge and garbage both. When we don’t allow us to think and spend time in silence what actually happens to our thought? Yes, actually we kill them. A bored mind can lead to a thousand of ideas to work on but a busy mind none.

All the classrooms we ever attended back in life, the grasping power was very dependent on this word, and the more focused we were in the classroom the better we were at the subjects. There were distractions in the times from the window , from the backseat , from the front seat , from the side and from everywhere but still we kept our focus on the board to learn what teacher was trying to teach but the case is no more now. We do not read books anymore if we read also we cannot concentrate for long time, we do not sit and think about all possibility that we can do in the time we have. We do not priorities things and always get indulge into the activities that kill our time which we call with proud as a time pass.

Do we really stopped focusing on the things? There are people still there who are so focused into their work and life that they hardly care about anything going around them but they are few in numbers and number is large for them who are so unfocused about their life and work that they continuously keep putting their nose in everything around the corner. They think themselves as intellectuals and never have any followers other than the virtual ones. They never get bored and thus they do not have their own thoughts but a thought borrowed from someone else.

The basic instinct of human to focus is decreasing gradually because of automation, our mind is not moving for the thoughts, and we do not memorize things anymore, as google is always present for us. The technology that was created for us to help in our day-to-day problem is eating our brain.

There is no harm with the technology but using technology for believing every false propaganda, every photo shopped images, every tempered audio and video clips, every non-sense thing that people post on Facebook and twitter is really a concern here. As we stopped focusing anymore, we do not go behind the facts and believe everything. We do not get bored anymore so we do not think what is happening around us is right or wrong. We just flowing with the flow without even thinking about our destination and journey.



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