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When you sit on the bank of river and let yourself watch the flow of water there are different kind of feelings that arouse inside you, the flow of water and the sound both touches heart. At the same time, you feel the flow of water is similar to the flow of life, somewhere it flows like a slow stream while at other places, it becomes flood and at some places, it flows with a speed that is mesmerizing.

Year 2018 was similar for me it went like a slow steady water, not much contribution to the blog, no poetry, and no travel blogs not much into the writing. The year went where I did not able to give anything to the readers. This will be the 7th year of my blogging journey and I want to keep writing keep telling the thoughts, the daily shores and the day-to-day activities that captures our life. This blog is not based on any particular niche, I write from all corners of life, and I want to be like that. There are thousands of instances came when I thought to close and start on particular niche but did not find any that can be accepted by my soul. This is the place where I write not to tell gain audience but to tell the stories from every walk of life mostly happening around me, it can be a story of a friend, a walking stranger any event or anything. Thanks for your love and support to keep coming and visiting blog for different articles. Although I did not contributed much last year but still your support helps this blog getting traffic from all over the world.

There were thousands of event happened which I was part of but not able to write a single story defining those moments. There are so many things happened to the world although the world is still finding a key to happiness by burning all the 24 hours in a meaning less tasks. There are so many things present around us still we do not enjoy them but want to gather more belongings.

There are so many parameters for judging our success but still we remains unsatisfied throughout the time. We always switch between career, family, health and social status to differentiate and define our success. We compare ourselves with the other through these parameters to judge where we stand but always find ourselves in the standing a bit lower position because we compare each parameter with a different personality in which he/she is good at. We neglect the fact that there might be some parameters where we are better than him/her.

There are no shortcuts of success and we should see life like a flowing water, there can be some hardships and there can be some easy pebbles. We should stand our head high and hope for the better. Life is not always about running sometime we just need to sit and enjoy our surroundings and success of others.

Happy New Year 2019



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