As we move around in our life, we find our self on verge of paths diverting in many directions, Sometimes we clear about it but most of the time confused about it.

Do you ever thought what resist you to have success in a particular field?
Do you ever realize the reason of not attaining the greater heights in your career which you can do in an easy way?
Do you ever thought for a while to look on the techniques that you were following in your past?
Do you ever feel the pain of not achieving the things which you really want to achieve from heart?

May be NO or YES But I did and got the reason for it during my last year self discovery process. It is the lack of perfection and patience that stops us every time we try to achieve something. You cannot catch a rabbit by following two. You have to choose one to follow it wisely. Similar is the case with anything you want to achieve. Few points can help…

1) Concentrate on one thing at a time.
2) Give your 100% in achieving it.
3) Perfect your art of learning and acting upon it.
4) Never think about its failure after you started working on it.
5) Ignore all the voices around you which stop to do it.

There are not one, two or three things that can take you away from goals but there are many. You have to think after each situation to take decision on it. We cannot simply run from it. There are thousands of moments when we are just on the verge of getting success and at the instant we take a decision to move back. I don’t think it’s a great thing to do.

We have to wait for the results from our hard work. A seed does not become tree in one day it takes lot of years by going through processes similar is the case with our goals . We can not get all the things at one night , we have to wait and have to keep patience to get the fruits of our hard work.



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