Extraordinary movies start with some concepts behind it and ROY is one of it. May be 95 percent of people will not be able to grasp it after watching but its worth to watch. Few points regarding it….

Writers Block-

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or having a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years.

Movie showed a sensitive concept of writers block where writer can’t able to write even a single word because either he/she forgets imagination or he/she indulge in any other thoughts that distracts him/her from writing. In movie at one point of time same is the case with ARJUN where he couldn’t focus on his scripts because of the incidents happened with him. A depressed man deep in love lost the character of his story.

Parallel Movies- There is not one but two movies running simultaneous to each other. In principal movie ARJUN was a writer who is writing a script and directing it into a movie where RANBIR is a lead character as a ROY running inside the imagination in his mind. He puts a girl from his real life into his imagination that is female lead character with ROY and written a story around her as incidents happening in real life. As both movies are running in a parallel way, 95 percent of audience will never able to understand that these both are movies one inside the other.

Dialogues – Each dialogue is full of depth in it. In one scene ARJUN defines movie as an imagination of a writer combines with words, thoughts and character which becomes live once somebody plays it on the screen. The dialogues are extraordinary one and again 90 percent will not get it because they want attention from the audience.

Scenic beauty – Since whole movie is based in Malaysia with the beautiful seashore, exotic gardens, sunsets one can’t bore from it if he/she is a real traveler.

Love – ARJUN and RANBIR both in their characters were astonished by the love. RANBIR as a thief don’t care about anything in world but as soon as he comes into the contact of Jacqueline he falls into love with her that makes him to change the way he is doing his robbery activities. He fought with his own bosses to win the heart of jacqueline.

ARJUN while in the real movie feel in love with jacqueline and changes his entire personality. He wanted to die for love. Even his movie success becomes a tiny thing. He was so devastated from his love.

At last like other movies a happy ending but still a tricky ending. It’s not a love triangle but its two parallel movies.

As per the performances jacqueline and arjun both did a great work of art and ranbir too.

My Rating 3/5.

If you can’t get this article you can’t get a movie though.



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