"ASKME the BAAP of all apps has arrived"


 "ASKME the BAAP of all apps has arrived"
"ASKME the BAAP of all apps has arrived"
"The new ASKME application application attempts to redefines the App Space"

Just imagine you are planning to go out for dinner at a very nice place. What will you do ? You will first Google for a nearby place, then you will visit another app to see the review of the place and then you will try to find out the best deals for that place on yet another app. Not only this process is complex but time taking too. Now what if there is an app which will search for the location, give reviews of the location and provide best deals all under one roof. And that’s app is what is called the Bapp of all apps, AskMe App.

Why AskMe app is the Bapp of all the apps? 
  • User can search for any nearby place and user can also choose the location manually if absence of GPS connection.
  • User can get cool and amazing deals offered by the location.
  • User can not only read the reviews but can also write their own reviews.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • User can get all the information like address and phone number of a particular business and can call them directly from the app.
  • User can also create his own listing and can share the favorite company with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

Friendly user interface, easy to use and displays information in bold making it easier to find. Cool blue and white theme is soothing for eyes. 

You can also post your own ad and that is also free. 

Pros of AskME
  • Ad free, stylish and user friendly interface.
  • Easy to download and install. Uses much less data compared to other apps thus saving user’s mobile data.
  • Can run easily on low end smartphones with android version 2.2 or above.
  • It has a single touch program and there is no need to go back to homepage again and again.

User can post free ads.

Getting Started : 

AskMe app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. and is free of cost. Once you will install the app, it will ask your permission to access GPS and monitor the present place.

Final Verdict:

AskMe app does justify its tagline, the Bapp of all apps by giving you a wonderful experience you will ever have. So if you are looking for a place and wish to have all the information about it than this app is just for you. And if you are a fan of Ranbeer Kapoor than you have one more reason to use it.



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