World Cup 2015 – Memories from past


This world cup 2015 takes me back to the era of 1999 – 2011 of my memories in which I actually lived the cricket. I do not having any interest in watching this world cup and I  have many reasons for it .May be one reason is due to the absence of  Sehwag , Sachin , Ganguly , Yuvraj , Zaheer who were my heroes of cricket from Indian team but now they are not in a team.

1999 - The days when no websites were present to show all the statistics and details of players. We usually have “cricket samarat “type magazines to know all about tournaments and locations. We were having our own craze of seeing the matches. I was a child then even with no knowledge about cricket I was devoted towards it with my whole heart in each match and the way it was discussed in whole town made me realize the true importance of its fame. Who can forget the matches between Pakistan and Australia, semi final between Australia and South Africa (a tie match of its own kind). The world cup was the injection of genes into my body to love the cricket as a life.

2003- The year in which I totally understood the concept of cricket with my own statistics about why India is going to win he cricket. The days in which I often wants to bunk the school because of matches, and if missed to bunk then ready to watch them till 1 p.m in the night. Who cares about time zones at that time when my personal aim was to see the sixes from gangly and sehwag bat. I just want to see India lifting a cup. Saurav gangly was already became my hero in last four year due to his aggressive nature and leadership quality. Seeing him on a field was enough to watch the matches with full interest. Unfortunately India had lost the match but still it managed to get into the finals which doubled the amount of excitation in me for the cricket.

2007- The most unlucky world cup in which India didn’t even qualify for the next round but still I was enjoyed the whole world cup supporting sri lanka but guess what again lanka loses to Australia because of superb performance from Hayden and Gilchrest. Many cricketers started retiring and it makes me think why people retire. Giving my 10th board exam that year made me feel like it’s my first tournament of life and someday I had to retire like ganguly, dravid, Lara  and Gilchrest. There I was on my peak of intoxication for cricket which increased more with attacking dhoni , raina and  yuvraj.

2011- It was the world cup in which I felt like a winner . Superb performances by all made India win the tournament. The matches were as great as I want to see it. After this world it looks me like now nothing is there in watching cricket may be because I was growing from a child stage to adulthood just crossed teenage and entering to 20’s. There were heroes for whom I watched every match between 1999-2011 but I don’t know what happened to me after the world cup that pulled me back watching any tournament. It seems that I too have career in cricket where I lived 12 years of my life playing cricket with four worldcups.I am certainly lucky to born in an era where each record is mostly taken by an Indian and in which sachin is a god of records.

 IPL was never in my like list. It seems like somebody had bought the emotions from cricket and reduced it to 20 over’s. 20-20 looks me like an organization where employee do only work for their skills with no emotions, no sympathy. Once I had mugged all the stats of the players playing in a team of every country now I even don’t know who the players are playing from Indian team only.

Today when I checked the cricket page on my newspaper, I remembered all my childish thing of collecting the photos and record stats from it to my diaries. Now I know that collection list is of no value now. The records are changed and even players are and even the style, aggressiveness, emotions, sympathy everything is changed. Now I and all others who use to sit together for watching matches all are on different places fighting with our lives, struggling with our own future to become something. Now who cares about this world cup? The era has already gone away which we use to see as freedom. Now we do not have big gathering to watch matches and little fights on every ball or every wickets . Now people simple open crick info and other apps to just check the scores and again they kept their mobiles into pocket with no expressions. Now no radio is here on which I can listen the commentary with “BSNL chowka “type words. It’s all end for my generation. I don’t see that love of cricket is still there in next generation where everyone wants to care about gadgets more than cricket pads. Now I do not see road cricket, ground cricket anymore. I lived in the era 1999-2011 which was the best era for cricket and for players who played the way it entertained everyone.

Leave comments if you too are attached with any experience in the period of 1999-2011. I will love to hear from you ….


  1. Wow, you are so much into cricket...even i love it and watch most of the ODIs (even if India is not involved).
    Well written.

    1. thanks for the read sir. It feels great to find people with same interest :)



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