Do you also miss childhood and home while chasing dreams?


While sitting inside a small room of a big large city I see myself as a person surrounded by loneliness. I see myself chasing a dream which exists but does not seem coming true in near future. I remember my careless childhood where sitting alone was rare thing. As I get ready for the office on a working day I see it like another day in a calendar but as I see myself in a childhood I remember how I was full of enthusiasm to get ready for learning something new on every day. While learning things in a classroom I never imagined that someday I have to go long far away from the place to earn my livelihood as learning means exploring and that’s the reason I never felt any home coming true.

Whenever I sit after the office hours I see the walls and space in a hope that someday they will talk to me. When I see my childhood I was never worried about anything after school because there were lot of things to play and lot of things to enjoy with family members. Whenever there was holiday or Sunday approaching, my excitement was keep on increasing but as I see today I don’t like holidays as nothing to do great. Watching movies in multiplex, outings, exploring city can be fun but it still lacks the taste that was having in the cup of tea with family in Sunday morning or watching movies in television or even visiting relatives with them.

In my childhood I was dreaming to sit across my parents to tell them whole office gossips day by day, tell them about all the achievements but I was not so mature to think about the situation in which I will be in.

It is the ritual of the world that dreams are not so easy to gain and that’s why we have to sacrifice something for some other things. It looks very easy doing job in some hi-fi city with hi-fi lifestyle but behind it there is a series of pain everybody is going through while living long away from home where going to home is not a 24 hour train journey only.



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