Soft skills preparation for IT companies – How to Prepare (part-1) ?


I have told you in the last article  HOW TO PREPARE FOR TECHNICAL SECTION about technical section. Being strong in technical section does not guarantee your success in an interview. To come up with cloud9 performance you must have some good soft skills that can boost up your performance and put you stand different from others when it comes to final selection. There are various soft skills that you must have to concentrate on building whole personality like communication skills, writing skills, participation in group discussions, dressing style, etiquettes, habits e.t.c. In this article I am trying to focus on communication and group discussions rest all will be covered in the other articles.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS - It’s been said that whatever you express from mouth the person standing in front of you will assume your personality from that. In an Interview or in any public place try to always speak softly and gently. It shows humbleness and shows you a mature person. The language is very important to talk on; you have to judge a language for the person to speak with him/her in which he/she is comfortable with. This is not a right way to start speaking English in front of audience who prefer local language to communicate just to show off. If you are targeting an audience in a seminal hall or auditorium make sure you are speaking with confidence and on facts. Nobody likes stammering and irregular speeches, make some humor after each junction while speaking in public. It helps in making the attachment of an audience with you.

While dealing with the officials always focus on targeting communication to the only on work. They don’t expect stories from you but a direct answer or question from you to discuss on. It’s been seen that if you work well your confidence will go up and instantly you will communicate well. As far as placements concern try to start reading some few books or start participating in group discussions, increase your vocabulary to have a great discussions in future. The recruiters will like if you speak with full confidence preferably in English not in any local language. You have to present your ascent in a best way you can from yourself.

GROUP DISCUSSIONS- Most companies now a day’s started including group discussions round in recruiting process. Generally in group discussions there are about 10-15 students are taken in one round. Based on the company profile they give you a topic from themselves or it could be any general awareness discussion topic. The main thing to keep on during group discussion is 3 major roles are played by these 10-15 students.

Initiator- who starts discussion about topic. If you don’t know anything do not starts first. The one who knows will start automatically , you have to just understand what the topic is all about then wait for your turn and speak whatever you know, make sure there can be two sides positive and negative for the topic , try to stick only with one during whole of the discussion.

Concluder – who ends up the discussion with a conclusion. After listening from all the members there is a person who need to conclude it .The person will tell about the content on which the group is agreed.

Dominator – A person who keeps busy him/herself in whole of the discussion. He/she is responsible for disturbing and maintaining the discussions. If anybody is diverting from the topic, this is the person who objects and keep them back on topic also they involved in lot of noises by interfering in each other turns.

Try to become the one of the above to clear the group discussion, in term of dominator never interfere in any others turn but you can watch to correct about the right and wrong points in their turn. If you are not able to choose any of the above role. Try to talk as much as you can in your turn with better facts and ideas.

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