The Dreams of a Teenager -Part-3 ( Exercise Session )


Guard had already informed Samar about the exercises session in the morning in last encounter with him. Samar with his heavy foots entered in his room. As soon as he sat on the bed he had fallen in sleep again due to his weak tall body and long sleepless night. It’s the morning only when his body realized to be in rest.

On the contrary everybody else in the Hostel started getting up early in the morning to get ready for the exercise session. At 5 a.m. physical instructor blown his vehicle and suddenly the whole ground was filled with the students from every class, except the Samar. Guard was there and his eyes were searching Samar but couldn't find him.

Physical instructor was a tall personality with a fit body having French cut beard on his face with a long rule in his hand. He was wearing the t-shirt and shorts and expecting the same dress with the boys of the hostel. He was known for his strictness and punctuality in whole school as well as hostel but instead getting informed by guard Samar was still careless and sleeping.

Physical instructor called the guards and asked to search every room .On finding anybody sleeping give order them to come forcefully on the ground within 5 minutes. Guard named “Ramesh” was the one who encountered with Samar. Instructor asked Ramesh to search on the wing 1 of ground floor and accidentally that the same place where Samar belongs.

After few minutes Ramesh was just in front of the door of Samar and knocking it hard. Samar opened his eyes slowly wanted to sleep again but the hard knocking forced him to open the door.
Ramesh shouted on Samar

I told you about exercise sessions and about physical instructor instead you choose to sleep.

Don’t you ever check the time table? It’s just here on door.

Okay come fast else there will be severe punishments.

Samar was still in his dreams don’t want to attend but how the Ramesh defined the situation he got scared and decided to ready for the exercise session.

After 10 minutes Samar and another boy Akash reached on the ground. Instructor was waiting for them. The other students already started jogging on the ground. The situation was tensed Samar and Akash both were praying to get save from the punishment but in the eyes of instructor something else revolving.



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