True Dreams and Extra ordinary Passion : Do they really exists ?


True dreams and passion! Do they exist in real world or not? Yes they exists .They exists to chase dreams, to follow passions, to live extraordinary life, to tell stories, to give success secrets, to generate examples, to set targets, to make guidelines.

 The professionalism inside the country is more dominated by doctors and engineers. Parents never wants to see serving their son/daughter as a sports person, as a designer, as a writer, as a poet, as a lawyer, as a traveler e.t.c. they want to set a life for their son/daughter as an engineer or doctor so that they should have some respect in the society but the time starts changing slowly from last few decades. Children observed the environment very carefully and started building dreams around them. Now they want to follow the dreams, they want to live the passion inside them.

An example from my life - I struggled in class 9th after changing my school from up board to CBSE. It was not the simple struggle but struggle of words, where everything changed from Hindi scripts to the English. I was very weak in English at those days even its very hard for me to pass the exams it may be the unit tests. In final exams just manage to get exact passing marks 40 but my burning desire to do something make me forced to learn this language and that was the force that converted this 40 to 75 in boards  .

 It was the year 2010 just after the class 12th; I was confused regarding my career options. I want to study technology; I want to convert the creativity inside me into the real world. I didn’t know how it can be done as the creativity in earlier days I had expressed through paintings, through Hindi poetry, through participating in Hindi speech and debates but as I had to choose something. I had chosen Computer Science & Engineering in although many suggested go for Civil or Mechanical Engineering they are core branches, you will be going to struggle in CSE but my mind said no take this and I opted this as my career. The decision was perfect and yes I am chasing my dreams some are fulfilled already some will be going too fulfilled soon. As part of placements I am already placed in TCS.

I hadn't told the story to talk about me but to feel the generation that if anybody is following his dreams, it must be follow till the end. If anybody is making the career in his/her passion, it always forces to perform best in one’s field. The person never feels tired at any point while following his/her passion and it always motivates the person to work for longer time even the person never feel it work ever.

In my journey I had seen many people who are following their dreams living their passion by fighting with the parents, friends or relatives. They are writers, poets, designers, journalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and businessmen most important they all are on a path of success now and the same people praising them for following their passion for what they were fighting 4 years back.

The story of one musician you can read on my blog Talent passion struggle - turned musician life to a success


  1. In my case, I already had an engineering career for 6.5 years, and then I decided to quit and take up writing as a career. I am enjoying it thus far, but unconventional careers are always a challenge. Financially. But these days, there are a lot of opportunities (freelance writing, etc.) that make the risk worthwhile and make it easier to pursue a career in the arts.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Yes the days are gone , when people fear to take an unconventional careers for their livelihoods . Now people are trying hands in career they really wants to do it from heart . Not many wants to join the rat race but everyone wants to work for themselves , want to work in their hobbies .

    2. One thing I've noticed is: If you want to retain your fascination for hobbies, don't take it as a career. When you want to make money out of your hobby (living cost), you'll have to make a lot of compromises and you will finally make it into another job!

      Writing a personal blog for fun (for example) is very different from writing a professional (technical) blog that makes money. The latter very much feels like work, but yes, you are in charge of your work and you can work on it in the way you seem fit. Though, one can be a tough taskmaster on oneself too!

      I think it takes a lot of guts and passion and sacrifices to turn a hobby into a career. More than everything else, determination and the will to no let go in the face of mounting obstacles is equally important. If one is clear on what they are going to lose (and what they will eventually gain), converting a passion into a hobby is definitely for them!

      Destination Infinity



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