The Dreams of a Teenager ( Part-2)


In The Dreams of a Teenager Part-1 you were read about how Samar went to the top of the roof of  hostel to find peace after which he found himself on a boundary half slept when suddenly a hand saved him to fallen on the road.Read what happened next -

The hand pulled him towards back. Samar was astonished and terrified both at the same time. He was unaware about the fact that just few second before he was going to fallen on a road from the boundary on which he was relaxing. It was the guard who saved his life while rounding the hostel in night.

He scolded Samar-

What are you doing here?

Samar was speechless and by stammering sir I am ... I am... I am... Watching the starts.

Guard - Is it a way to watch the stars? Don’t you know that roaming outside in the night is prohibited here?

Samar – How can any authority prohibit seeing the environment? It is only the night when I can watch this beautiful sky with amazing stars and this lovely moonlit. The silence around me where nobody can disturb me with any kind of noises.

Guard – Had I not came on time you were not here.

Samar – Oh thanks but I want to be here.

Guard checked the time its 4 a.m.

Come with me, I am going to complaint about this incident to the warden.

Suddenly Samar got his sense. Oh, sorry, sorry.

I will never come here again neither in the day nor in the night. Please don’t tell it to the warden else my parents will be informed and that will be not good for me.

Guard got emotionally attached with the Samar after encountering with his innocent face. Okay I will not tell it to the warden or anybody else but promise me you will never do this gain.

Samar – I had never came to here uncle (trying to build relationship with the guard) but the way walls in my room were suffocating me was unbearable. I had tried a lot of times to sleep but whenever I close my eyes I threatened by the horror of something. Whenever I tried to cover my body from the bed sheet every time i find it short of a length. I want somebody to understand my feelings but whenever I checked inside the room I was alone. I just came here to do friendship with the environment to talk with these stars.

Guard was listening patiently. He doesn't know this time somebody entered in the hostel is different with different ideologies.

OK ok but listen carefully there are set of rules in the hostel that must be follow to live peacefully here, else you will be in the trouble. Since it’s your first day I am pardoning you. Go and get ready quickly your physical instructors will be just arriving in here for your exercises and don’t ever think of doing any misbehavior in front of them. They are very strict and can punish you at an instant.

Samar was moving towards his room with heavy legs of thinking about new encounter.




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