Electricity Problem in Indian Towns


The article is about electricity and power supply problems but I am not going to talk about the common technical things that most article introduce to the world about cut off policy in Indian villages . It’s the story of day to day life from a small town in Uttar Pradesh .The people who are living in cities do have any idea about how these people struggle to live there life, No they don’t. Let’s have a look on it.
Timings – If we talk about the timing, here is no time. On paper the order given by the government is 12-6 in night and 10-2 in day .we can count on fingers it’s only 10 hours. 

  A good timing set for towns to shine India?

 A time that can help students to excel in studies.   Really??

A time in which people can sleep peacefully. Are they??

Questions are many but the answers are none. How in 10 hours a town can develop to its peak. But the question is whether the power supply is being delivered to this town or not .The answer is no. it’s hardly 5-6 hours the town is getting electricity from the Indian government.

Internet – People say that internet is the next future of development. People talk about home based business. People talk about online shopping, online tickets, and online studies but are it possible to have all this without electricity. Yes the town has plenty of laptops and computers but the people don’t have any electricity to use them and all these are show case.

Studies - Country wants to make every child an educated personality but on what scenario all are talking about all this. When at 12.00 light comes in the night most of the students already fall in sleep and at 6.00 when they open their eyes they find again fan and bulbs switched off. How a student can concentrate on studies in such a hot summer. When at 2 they come to home again they don’t find any electricity serving them.

Sleeping habits – If I say that the citizens from the town has no right to sleep. I am not in wrong direction that’s the right of talking. The scene is people wait till 12 for the light and after 12 they struggle with its voltage and cutoff problems. They don’t get enough voltage and neither gets enough continuity such that they can sleep peacefully.

Shopkeepers- Shopkeepers are the most harassed people inside this town. Without electricity most of their business doesn’t work or they find themselves in a huge loss if any extra resources are arranged such as generators and inverters. From morning till evening they sit in the same shop without any hope of electricity and when they come to home they even don’t get a proper sleep. Is this shinning and developing India?

There are lot of problems related to the small towns some don’t have even railways in 21st century and still there whole transportation is being done by the trucks and  buses. Electricity is the still dreams for them. Country is developing the cities to more high-tech level. 

Why the policies don’t care to develop towns it’s the same people from towns who come to cities in finding better infrastructure. So why don’t provide a better infrastructure to towns. Fridges, Coolers, Washing machines are show case here. People don’t know anything about A.C., ovens. The ice-creams, milk made items, fruits; juices cannot be afforded here because of electricity problem. Even we can’t think of products from Amul or Parag be it a milk only. How people can live in 5-6 hours electricity ??



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