HACKSTER - A novel by sankalp kohli & paritosh yadav



What happened when people lost faith in the system? One stood up and opened the doors of a revolution.
History has it that such men have the power to bring a nation to a standstill.

Revelations of the past have shattered Vikram and left him in extreme agony. Fueled by the universe of vibrations and his father’s legacy, he must now trigger a digital revolution that will leave India leaderless.
A special unit, CIST has been set up by the President to take on the growing cyber threats. Led by Arjun, CIST tracks down its target, but soon finds itself helpless in the kaleidoscope of cyber war.
The Kingmaker of Indian politics shivers at the sight of the upcoming war.
Who is right? Who is wrong? Who will reach the kill switch first?

What the story is all about ?

Son of a brilliant scientist, Vikram is standing at the Worli Seaface in a heavy downpour assessing the situation. He has come very far from his parent’s defamation and suspicious deaths. His act of revenge has only a couple of steps left. The country will soon be introduced to chaos and the top brass of politicians will lose everything they ever had.
After the suspicious death of his Ananth, his father, Vikram’s mother had sent him away to his aunt’s home in Mumbai in an attempt to keep him isolated from the news and media, which has defamed his father as a terrorist. A determined Vikram found his feet in college as he excelled and got a job as a Cyber-security expert. The love of Payal enchanted him and helped him to recover from his awful past. Just when everything seemed to have started falling in the right place for him, the news about his mother’s death finds him. Devastated to the core, he abruptly leaves and returns to his home in Kanpur marking a start to a journey of discovery of truths, which turns his perspective of life upside down.

After that the competition starts between the cyber genious and the politicians , between the security expert and the forces. The Novel that made you calm and still till the end . Its not a simple story that is lying inside the book but with full of meaningful content for reasons , facts , associations , horror, terror , technology ,politics e.t.c The nerves are going to down and up , blood moves slow and fast reading this beautiful story. Its more than a book that one can think about.

A must readbook for all the people who wants to know how the mysteries actually occur in the life , how technology can change the destination of the person , how the system needs improvement badly, how a politicians wants everything on their table and their side , how the desire to find the truth can change a person to work onany extent , how the bad and good fought for the same reason ?

Note from the authors

Our civilizations have merged into a rich and vast expanse riding on the back of the written word. When the zero was introduced to the world, it opened up a doorway to infinite possibilities in the future. Trade was followed by industry which created a necessity to have Governments that understood industries and sciences. After the World Wars, spies were the latest strength of a country to gain leverage over the other. Nations didn’t stop there. They wanted someone or something that could penetrate into others’ military, economy, research and even into their households. Of course, with the viral spread of computing machines that were exponentially automating processes, they found a new option.

Then came the age of the ‘economic hitman’. These are men that were sent inside the other country’s machinery to operate as one of their own. They are not spies in the real sense as they did not pass on information to their loyal camps. They are simply bound to obey orders. Flick a switch here and there once in a while to weaken the enemy nation bit by bit. In the real sense, they are more like modern day Trojan horses.
While economic hitmen found their places in the economy and the machinery of a country, the country still housed its perennial villains in politics. With technological advances, a new opportunity was created. Technology and politics blended together comes to be the most potent combination in the history of any civilization.

Although this book is not necessarily meant for pure technology enthusiasts, however, it will undoubtedly be helpful to have a basic understanding of a few technologies mentioned in the book.

Computers and big programs that span across the country and the globe operate on simple concepts. There is data about some activity and the computers make sense of this data for the intended purposes. Gradually, the amount of data collected in a few systems has grown so much that it becomes impossible to track all of it. For example, in social networking sites and web searches, every activity leaves a trail of history, choices, interests, etc. and such other data which may never even be made use of.

The modern concept of Big Data intends to make use of this vast data. Big Data systems process immense amount of information every second to establish a pattern in behavior of the information available to them. This pattern can have a plethora of applications like making sense of random pieces of information or forecasting the activities of a specific target in mind.

Data is written in most computers as a combination of zeros and ones. Different combinations of these two digits signify different alphabets, words, sentences and so on. Using three digits means that more combinations can be created, if four are used even more… and so on. Quantum computers use large number notations as part of their basic set of numbers. This means that there are innumerable digits between zero and one, thus immensely more ways to represent our written word. This also means that they can process that many more number of scenarios for a mathematical equation. Such detailed levels of computation lends these computers their extraordinary processing capabilities. This technology is still in its nascent stages and is yet to see a full bloom. The prospects are huge.

The complex maze of data and devices has created another area of concern for the Governments. With the human footprint increasing on the internet, there might be a case for uninformed stringent monitoring activities. Whether the pretext of national security is justifiable for the intrusion of privacy and relentless monitoring is yet another unresolved debate. Amidst the hysteria, governments have already moved forward with their mammoth plans of monitoring the massive data that now lies at the mercy of their policies.

Cyber activists have come together for many of the countless causes waging their silent war against governments’ propaganda. Hackers, cyber terrorists, protestors and modern revolutionaries have all found their comfort zones in the deep crevices of the monstrous World Wide Web. The latest addition to this class of activists are Patriotic Hackers. Patriotic hackers are individuals who hold their nation in high regard and feel a deep sense of responsibility towards their country. They have their own understanding of ‘enemies to the state’ and in their efforts to protect their country against these enemies, they take cyber action as they deem fit.

This is where the lines between terrorism and patriotism are dulled. The story told here lies in this space where the lines are faint.


Sankalp Kohli
Ph: +91 9702003883

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is a MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic who believes in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and fruitful.
He is a person who holds his parents above all, especially his mother. All his dreams and aspirations are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud.
His first attempt with pen, in form of ‘Because…Every Raindrop is a HOPE’, released last year, has been gaining immense success and has already hit ‘the National Bestseller’ tag. His second book, ‘When I Found You’ is winning his readers heart. His third book, ‘Hackster’ is a contemporary and provocative sci-fi thriller.

Paritosh Yadav
Ph: +91 9702003839

At the age of 23, Paritosh Yadav has travelled and lived across different cultures. He graduated from NMIMS University in 2013 as an MBA in the field of telecom technology. 
His enthusiasm for reading, and his extreme fascination and passion about the ingenuity in designs and ideas inspired him to begin writing his debut novel, Equilibrium.
His unique perspectives about life are derived out of his diverse set of experiences. He has been writing since the age of 12 which turned him into a blogger and eventually a song writer for his college band. He has a collection of short stories too in his unpublished work. He pursues his interests in technology when he is not busy writing.
He is inspired by the limitlessness of imagination and incorporates it in his innovative writing. He is very attached to his realistic and life like characters and is able to bring them to life in his work.
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