The Dreams of a Teenager Part-1


A boy named Samar of age 13 was laid down in his room on the bed in the midnight. A tall personality with the dark complexion trying to cover his body inside the limited sheet. He was a boy who always dreaming about his future. He has nothing to do with his limited resources to earn livelihood. He was thinking about the evening, how his father had left him in this dark place to earn education for himself.

The darkness was around everywhere with a silent peace, he was sobbing down with tears in his eyes. He just wanted to evade from this place to sleep again with his parents but he can’t do anything. He was in a hostel where a lot of students like him struggling to go back their home. Under the guidance of warden everybody at family thinking their child to be safe but whenever the night comes Samar was threatened by the darkness and silence. 

After changing postures for many time, he stood up to open the door because silence around him making him feel like a sick person. He stood up and checked the time, it was still 2.30 a.m. and the sleep is long away from his eyes. He moved slowly towards the door and with his shivering hand he opened the door. There was a long corridor outside it where many other doors open from different rooms. He checked carefully about the presence of any other person in the corridor, finding none he moved on towards the stairs. 

Every now and then he was worried to be catch from the warden or guards but he controlled his heart and went on crossing stairs per stairs. Whenever he find any turn on the stairs , his heart starts beating fast as someone on the other side will definitely catch him. 

He kept on crossing the stairs and at last Samar was on the top of the roof. He found himself around the little cold breezes glittering stars in the sky with moonlit covering the whole roof. He was mesmerized with the beauty around him of tall building around everywhere. Some of them reflecting lights through their windows and roads were totally blanked. He just wanted to lost in the environment. He went on towards the end of the boundary and sat down on it. He checked again on the clock it was still 3.20 a.m. He starts losing his sense and it’s like he was half sleeping. Suddenly a hand from behind caught him to stop falling from boundary to the road.

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