Factors to crack IIT for aspirants and to live afterwards for non-iitians


IIT is not everything that can decide your future ,You listened correct "IIT is not everything that can decide your future”, IIT sure is the big name in the field of technology, many students start preparing from childhood to get enter into that, IIT is a brand which gives you guaranteed to be placed with high package, IIT is enough to get respect you in the society, IITans are known for their contribution to the world, IITIans are seem to be of strong minded different from others but wait you are in the iit or not you know much about them because you belong to the techie field, as we know India is a country with scarce resources, corruption is so powerful in this country that education system is far behind to achieve success, IIT also are not the best institute in the world   to be proud then what makes them special? It’s the lack of resources in the country to produce good engineers ,population is so large in this country that IIT  have not enough seats to fulfill the requirements of young minds, students compete themselves for a very less seats in the country among them for the best institutes, you can’t say that the students in the IIT are best than those who are not in IIT, there are seats that decides you in and you out and one  day can destroy your dream to be in iit either you was not feeling well, you may have hedache,you may have accident and many possibility you can’t come with good rank and missed iit. The reasons are here that makes a person into iit.

Factors play major role to crack IIT 

Coaching institutes-the first step is to join a coaching institute as fast as early, KOTA, KANPUR, PATNA, DELHI e.t.c. are the big coaching factories to produce IITans in the country, if one who join early, there is much possibility he/she can crack it, it’s not about mind, they know every technique to make clear the iit but only one can work hard according to them. They charge heavy fees but provide good material to clear iit, those who teach there are people   passed out from IIT, one with the stronger mindset in the town or village can’t compete with them, it’s clear and out before from the competition to give entrance tests.

Friend circle- it’s odd but true friend circle also decide the cause to enter into iit ,one who are with friends of high mindset may improve their eagerness to compete high and study more to show them their talent  and one with friends of low mindset who simply thinks we can’t crack iit can end with the same thinking.

Area of Interest(strong reason)-there must be a strong reason to clear IIT if anybody wants to crack it, it’s the reason that always pushes aspirants to work hard and get into iit.

Comfort zone-aspirants must have to be away from their comfort zone because clearing iit is not a game to play; it required a lot of concentration and lot of hard work continuously to crack it. Better to avoid comfort zone and work for the future.

Sharp mind or hard work—only aspirants can crack it by having a sharp mind or by doing hard work ,a person having sharp mind takes only 5 hours to do a certain work and a person can only compete them by doing 10 hours of hard work as some of the person have a mind gifted from the god.

Factors play major role for non-IITans to live life effectively in 
their college

Some may follow these rules and some may not but considering those who know everything regarding the syllabus of iit and follow every rules to crack it but can’t make into IIT here are the words or technique that can stand you in better place than the person who are already in iit.

Love your branch of study-the first thing you can do is to love your branch of study and work hard for the same whether it’s mechanical, computer science or electrical, be in touch with the happenings around the world in the field of yours and update yourself regarding it.

Explore yourself to the world-explore your interest, your work to the world, if you are not in iit, it doesn’t matter be in touch through social networks to know more and to tell more, learn the latest technology you can by your own.

Participate in workshop and training programs-start participating to the various workshops and seminars organized by different institutes and universities, join them, ask them and learn from them.

Visit companies regularly-visiting companies regularly of your field may turn out to be best technique to survive in this world by observing their work or by observing their technology or by observing their area of products you can gain a lot.

Make out good percentage in your exams-always study hard to get good percentage of marks you could gain in your college as it decides your ability to participate in off campus recruitment.

Learn from open learning and video lectures-there are lot of websites providing free open course material to the world join them and get lecture from them to understand concepts more clearly.

Follow your aim, goal, passion-follow your goals to achieve success, do not demotivate to live and follow life, be always positive regarding your aim and passion.

Do not compare yourself with others – don't compare yourself with other ,if you know you have the capability than you can do anything in your life,if you know the area of your mindset you can do anything about it, be prepare to lead the world ,its not only IITans who changed the world but non IITIans had done too.


  1. wonderful post my brother !! I am off the studying the academic subjects ( I mean , I know learning has no age ;) yet people like me need a reason to runaway from academic books ) but your post makes me feel I should try my hands on either UPSC or CAT as I am not eligible for IIT .
    You got me all inspired with you list of warnings and suggestions !! Super impressing Post !!



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