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After taking admission in college many of the students are finding the tricks to perform well in college with better performance in sports, extracurricular activities, studies, events, shows, debates and many activities. Students always want to see them in the best position that they can achieve but due to fierce competition in the world, some of good students due to lack of knowledge or due to lack of performance or due to lack of confidence do not perform well in their respective areas.

Colleges provide a better platform to show your desire to the world it is the stage from where you can shine in front of world, it is the first stage you left home, you left your parents, you left your friends, you left your past, you left your moments, entered into the young generation and come here to only fulfill your dreams and it’s the perfect decision made by you .here you meet the people with different ideas, with different perceptions, with different goals, with different qualities, you come into the environment where the campus is totally full of generations from young minds ,now you have to match with the students who are brilliant ,who are talented, who are full of enthusiasm.

You always wanted something from your future in the past since from your childhood, you always been wanted to become as like someone who always motivates you towards life, may be your father ,may be your favorite actor, may be any scientist,engineer,doctor ,journalist or anybody. You always admire from them and when you entered into the college for the graduation, all the things that you thought it is the time only to fulfill it but the question is how?

There are simple basic steps by following which you can acquire your dreams…

Never let your passion die-this is the first thing you can done with you, you have to continuously think about your passion, why you are here, some may say colleges are bad but I don't agree colleges can provide only resources to you, they can't provide you reason to achieve goals, it’s the only passion by which you can win the situation.

Search the people of same interest- people having same interest like you are the key ones who are going to uplift you in the career as always said teamwork is better than to work alone, find them learn from them and also teach them, you can get a lot of knowledge by talking to the people of same interest.

Avoid the disturbance- the best thing I want to tell you, there are lot of disturbance in the colleges also, in the form of fights, in the form of jealousy  in the form of hatred, in the form bad activities like drinking, smoking, gambling etc, there are also lot of people around you who are not here to accomplish their dreams but they are here to just pass their time as either their parents forced them to do it or they are born with silver spoons. Avoid them as you can as once you involved in it, there is no chance to get back towards dreams.

Work hard in studies-it doesn’t matter what is your interest and what you are reading in the books, in the end it’s the marks that defines your success to the world and companies that you are going to interviewed, they never ever asks you,if you have not performed in studies is there any achievements you want to show they just imagine you as another loser from the college pass outs. So always work hard in studies.

Entertain yourself- yeah the basic need of entertainment,  have great value in life, you can’t become a  dumb  persons like the bookworms  who always indulge themselves in around the books, you have to make this in your life as an important activity, as college life will not come again, and fun with friends in birthday bashes, bike riding, outing to hill stations, monuments visits, watching movies by bunking classes roaming in the colleges, visiting canteen after every lecture is the activities you will remember throughout your life because you can’t get anything from college but memories you had spent here, so make yourself involve in these activities too but not at the cost of studies and not always ,doing things crazy is good thing but doing it regularly is take you anywhere else.

Perform in extracurricular activities- by involving yourself in extracurricular activities you can learn a lot of things in life, you can understand the value of competition, you can understand the value of relations by working in teams, you can get a experience of being a organizer, being a manager, being a volunteer and many more. This is the time when you prove yourself in the field of interest apart from studies and come in limelight of college students and administration; I always insist you to love stage as it is the only platform by which you can conquer world.

In the last I will write more in next posts about how to get trained, to get internships, to get projects, to get famous, to get placements and to get dreams ……wait for my other posts.

Best of luck

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