tips to live happy and interesting life


life is about planning,managing and living

Interesting discussion is a discussion in which there is an excitement to discuss more, interesting talk is a talk in which there is a realization of sole purpose of talking, interesting speech is a speech in which there is involvement of audience more than the speaker, interesting story is a story in which focus is given to present situation more than the end, interesting article is an article which gives some sort of lesson, but what about interesting life??????????? .

I have been thinking from a long time about life, what is life, when I go to sleep my mind is just revolving around the incidents happened that day or day before ,when it comes to dream I always dreamt about the things I like most or I am so close to them. When I wake up in the morning I always feel fresh but suddenly when I comes into reality the pending work, decisions, appointments, college all comes in front and lost my interest in life.yeah this is situation happening to most of the youth, they start losing interest in life after seeing so much of disturbance in their life, is it interesting life, my answer is no it is not then what is interesting life?

Interesting life is a life in which there is enjoyment,passion,dream,destination,aim,goal,relations,decisions,chase,offer,victory,fame,money,name,autograph,biography is there ,there is some sort of cycle to live in life, there should be a track in the world after following which you feel blessed ,there should be activities after doing these you could realize the true value of life, there should be a friend circle with whom you could spent the best days of life ,there should be parents following whom you could end with bigger achievements, there should be a motive in life after getting which you realize the importance of you. 

 Life in a day is just divided into three parts morning, day and night and when you wake up early in the morning you are full energized, you can attain all the best things in life you can think about doing a right work, you can manage your whole day activity by just waking up early in morning, try to become planner in a morning. Then it comes to day where you are putting your effort in doing something for your future that add up daily into your result and one day you will find the best result ever, the day is the only time where you should be calm, working with other people, understanding many relations, work in a emotional environment which sometimes trouble you but being good at management you can manage everything so try to become manager in a day of yourself. Then it comes night, a relaxation point in life after struggling so hard in a whole day, you are here to think about what you had done right and what you had wrong, don’t do it just relax, give time to yourself, do the activities you like most, do the work that excites you, meet with the friends enjoy with them, give time to family, neighbours  be a person good at heart and when you go to bed to sleep you have a aim in life and you are happy with the things you had done in all the day, when you dream ,you will dreamt about good things happening in life and next day when you wake up in the morning you will full energized and your energy level will remain same throughout the day .



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