“MOTHERS DAY” a day used to pay tribute to the mothers by the society of world. A day use to remember for their contribution, level of efforts, care, and faith in building the future of their child. It’s not about the only single day, since the day of our birth, we only realize one woman in our life who is our mother, from every difficulty to every moment, and she is only the person who gives her hand to us to move forward in life.

In the earlier school days, she use to prepare us for the school, she use to our teacher, she use to our mentor, she use to our friend, she use to our everything. the first bite we chew from teeth is bite provided from here ,the first thought we think is about her, the first moment we weep is for her, the first breath  we have taken is because of her, the first thing we demanded is only from her, the first time we smile is for you only mother. The every moment we live from childhood to the age till today is provided by only you my mother. People say today is mother’s day but I say everyday is for you mother.

The person I admired first time in life is only you mother, the stories provided by you at night was the best lessons I learnt in life, the path suggested by you when I even do not know how to walk is the best path I have travelled so far, the first teaching you teach to me is still the best I remember, the day when I don't know English and you translated all those paragraph from my books into Hindi was the best translation I learnt so far, the way you prepare my favorite dishes is still the best dishes I have eaten so far, the moments I have travelled with you in the life is still are the best moments in life, the first time I left home and cry for you only my mother, the decisions today I am taking is because of only your good lessons provided to me my mother.

I remember when I was sick, it was only you who do care all the night and day for me, I remember when I got fail in my target, it was only you who motivated to perform better, I remember the day when I passed the first exam it was only you who is more happy than me, I remember when my footstep were going in wrong direction it was only you who stop me and show the right directions.

I cannot forget even a single moment spent with you my mother, the parents are only the true helper in life I know it is only you who with my father taking care of me even today, you are best mom of the world ,you have shown the patience ,you have shown the love, you have shown the care ,you have shown all things you can for me, you did not stop me to go away from home, at a very small age you rely on me to choose my future, I love you my mother and will always love you, you are really a true helper for me, for my brother, and for my sister, you have loved us equally, you have shown a great work in building the future of all of us. You are the person for whose dream I am doing work and one day I will prove and give tribute to you by achieving success from your lessons, from your teachings, from your blessings, from your paths, from your vision, from your traits and from your contribution you provided in my life.


  1. lovely thoughts !! happy mother's day



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