your vision is important more than others suggestions


The journey starts with a small story……….


It was a day as usual in child life going to school in class 8th, a kid who do not know what to do in future and just want to enjoy the life at present .Enjoying life with flying kites, playing cricket, reading comics, playing some unusual games in the schools before starting a assembly, doing crazy things and waiting for vehicle at the end of school sessions.
A part of fun there is still a person is behind all these characters who want to see him somewhere in future. Where the destination is counted as a history, where the goal is counted as a milestone, where the life is counted as a struggle, suddenly he realized to do something unique that is not yet the fashion in modern world of town and is dream for small town children to get educated in convent.yeah I know now it is not tough but 8 years back it was a tough for a small town students full of hindi medium schools.
Being good at math’s ,doing great in science, totally fascinated with history characters, wants to do something that is just a dream,don’t know what and how to do, totally confused and at this point only his parents come forward and saw the burning desire inside him, the junoon,zidd inside him as he took decision not to study more in this town, people starts making fun of him, “agar yahan nahi to kahan”, many suggested him you are not too old to survive in world at this age outside your town, many give advice don’t be fool to go away from parents and many more suggestions, parents understand him and tried what they can do ,chooses the best convent school of the district at that time for him, and of course  here starts a hostel life, that has changed his future totally, now he is in a position where most of his school classmates only can imagine and those who were giving suggestions are now praising for the decision.

future is about your vision

The future is only about vision what you think just do it don’t wait for the moment where other people are deciding your future, it’s only the passion and your desire that can make you reach somewhere else, don’t go for settlement, your ability is different from those who are suggesting you something, it is you who will live your future many people will come to you to say choose this field, choose this topic, choose this place or choose this dress but it is you who is going to live it in future and if anywhere in life you felt you took wrong decision then it can hurt you not because of your decision but because of the decisions from people. the one line “suno sabki karo man ki” the thoughts that are great choose them and the thoughts that are waste give them way to dustbin’s.
The best way is to decide what you want to become and do things regularly irrespective of the things what others think about it, going with crowd chooses by only those people who do not want to take risks in their life and want to see themselves in safe places but avoiding crowd and following your goal ,your interest is chooses by only those people who want to create something new, who want to show the world by performing  in their field that it is the interest in one’s field that matter to success not the path followed by him, if child can see his future at a very little age by his junoon why you people can’t.
My only suggestion is to develop interest in your goals and targets irrespective of the paths you can follow.


  1. G8 LYNS................
    I appreciate ur soch........:)
    excellnt lyns...........
    dil se likha h sb kuch.......

  2. very rightly expressed Nazar !!



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