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It was all started in the year 1999 I was only 7 year old, people watching a cricket match a tense environment all where, it was a match between Pakistan and Australia world cup final, since I was a child I do not know about any rules in fact I was seeing my first match with the family members first time, I remember waqar younis  wasim akram bowling in speed and as India was already out so people are supporting for Asia, the cricket was so good at that time it was the era of Steve waugh mark waugh, gillespie,macgrath people were supporting country supporting continent and supporting world, Australia won the world cup next day it was celebration in near the houses .this story just say about how much cricket has the importance in our country, people neglect their offices, their schools, their shop, their work only to see a single match.

In India cricket is  a religion and of course sachin  tendulkar is god of this religion, after watching the first match soon I got interest in this game too, was started playing with some of elder brother in gully cricket, in school ground, in  the house, started watching the perfect players in Indian time, watched the best innings of sourav ganguly(183),sachin tendulkar (186) and each time century partnership with dravid I was loving the batting style of virender sehwag , I was loving the way ganguly made India to the finals of 2003.

The duration was of only four years but I learned a lot about cricketing system in india ,I was loving the captaincy of gangly ,how the way he leads the team, how the way his aggression makes opposition in fear ,how the lords got terrified after the action or moment he created after won and give the answer to flintoff ,I loved each inning I had seen for gangly.

Then it comes to tendulkar and dravid I remember they are the players of terrific style of batting and they are now too, I loved the batting style of lara, afridi, hayden, gilcrist, jayasuria they were the most desirable mens.it was a time when shane warne and mutthaiya murlitharan ruling the spin department in the world and harbhajan and kumble doing for india, it was a time when zaheer khan was famous for his Yorkers and chaminda vaas ,shaun Pollack for the best deliveries, I can’t forget to discuss kallis,boucher,beven for the services they served to the cricket, the days when players play for their country and for the cricket.

Then it comes to IPL Indian premier league and everything ends when auction takes place players were sold like tomato,potato,everything got ends they sold for the money by the bcci,the late night parties comes into rule, the players who were playing for the country are playing for club for some rupees they can enjoy with, the welcome of cheerleaders destroyed the culture of India , the franchises forced player to play good else they will not put money on them, then there were some discrepancies got in which lalit modi lost his chair now people are playing for the money ,players like sreesanth wants that betting must be legal in India also, the students and office workers gambling their money got after higher work and losing , winning on the matches, can anybody imagine a player who played world cup final for country and in the winning squad will be in the jail, I totally agree with the point that ipl brings a lot of bad habits in the market of cricket, old players will always be in the memory but what about next generation.20-20 cricket has disturbed their style of batting in some matches they are best in other season they are flop. a lot of matches played by them is the cause of this, new breed of cricketers know only about money and enjoyment they play for the ipl not for country ,they can sold their skills for some rupees like chandila did and ends his career vindu dara Singh also involved in the racket and may be some other name from bollywood will come forward and destroy the expectation of fans, lets see in the few years where this ipl will take the Indian and world cricket.


  1. everyone is involved .. politicians .. corporate .. glamworld and cricketers ...to mint money sacrificing the quality of game... and emotions of fans !!! :)

    1. yup mysay.in,its ridiculous to see that people having already plenty of money and to earn more they indulge themselves in bad activities and which cause nothing but demolish our expectations .

  2. Yes the cricket culture in Indian has got a serious setback. Since 2001 when Ganguly became captain and team had great players like Sachin, Dravid, VVS and Kumble , Indian cricket saw its golden period when India achieved prestigious overseas test victories with the label of home tigers with them like drawn series in Australia, winning series in England , Pakistan, West Indies and Newzealand. With the rise of IPL test cricket got cornered as there is no glamour and popcorn entertainment attached to it. In post IPL period Indian has not achieved any great overseas victory apart from drawing series in test series against SA and winning CB ODI series in Australia.So yes its sad to see passion turned into business.



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