In last month I was not posted anything good or even I didn’t post anything much but I am back with much of the new posts here, so I am starting this one ,first I want to tell you that this article is totally based on the hard core facts of life ,yeah I know I am not someone very experience who can tell you the brief story about something to do and not to do about life but I am here to tell you one of the attachment story from my life happening these days or happened many years back too.

It is a story of friendship, it is a story of love, it is a story of dream, and it is a story of wisdom. A guy first time come into the train ,the train that is going somewhere far away and nobody know the destination travelling in it, a lot of passenger walked in at every junction and at every  station ,the guy also picked up that train ,the reason to pick up that train for a guy is to reach at a point where he can get the satisfaction ,the train started slowly and a guy find a seat in it ,there he find some other people of both gender ,from one he attracted and from other he talked, as this was a simple train the passengers inside it have different destination in life and have different views someone wants to reach early someone wants to reach slowly, some wants to enjoy journey, some are taking a journey pathetic, the boy doesn’t find what he can take this journey, whether to enjoy or just to take it as a burden and remain in hurry to reach the station.

As time passed he talked to many one some became friends, some became enemy, some became his mentor and some became his lessons, then he searched to find the people approaching similar stations but couldn’t find anything but find that there are some people travelling in ac first class have same goal as his ,he was travelling in ac 3rd class, he felt bad as he thought they have better facility to reach their goals probably he can reach the station at same time but can’t feel that much relax that can get by ac first class people. Suddenly he also got to know many are traveling in sleepers and journal bogie too having same goals now he feels good at least he is in some better position than them.

In journey he made many friends and share much of the problems and experiences with them and in return they share their views, since the journey is too long people start bored in it some of them distracted from their original goals, some of them also joined the company of those people who don’t know what they are and why they are living this life. The guy was confused in all it. he thought he picked up wrong train ,no body in it have common station to reach, some wants to just stop the train and want to get away from it, nobody is here who can follow the things for which they are in the train, some people in it always sleeping and don’t want to know where they are ,as the journey coming to an end ,the friends become enemies becomes stranger and the people who are travelling in it from a long time becomes competitor to get away from the train.

The guy was feeling alone at this time the people whom he can trust are become enemy because of his focus towards his goals, the people from with he enjoyed a lot of party become enemy because they are failed in it. The people from whom he talked a lot in the journey become enemy because they don’t want to talk on goals, destination and aim. the people from he explored the places become enemy because they don’t want to explore more.

Now I think after burning so much brain you can find that which train I am talking about, yeah this is a train of life and the guy picked this train at the starting of college, yeah the friends that he made are now enemies, yeah the person whom he shared his feeling are now strangers, yeah the person he loved more than his life are confused about him, yeah after passing three years in college this guy is no more popular among people than before ,its only because of his good results, its only because of his great achievements ,its only because of his nice nature and its only because of his friendly behavior. The three years he had passed beautifully with lot of enjoyment, with lot of travelling, with lot of parties,with lot of surprises becomes no more to him, and like the journey is just going to complete with 25% remaining the person, the people and the friends are taking their hands back. this is the case and is the general behavior of this world to avoid the person who is going in much pacer rate than them .so the world ignored them and the guy astonished from all it happened in a 2 month duration is no words to say about his behavior the personality is changed,the arrogance lifted down, the attitude becomes dull, the desire become null ,the patience become high. But there are many things buy which he again stood up not for others,not for friends, not for lover but for himself. This one is for his journey and at this last point he sure wants to reach the station finally so he is packed up his bags to travel more because life does not ends up on a single journey of a train.


  1. the train of life .. its a journey one makes solely for oneself !! very interesting philosophy !



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