Why you should say NO?


In our everyday life, There are lot of incidents happens which gives us choice to say No or Yes. Most of us fear to say No and accept everything whatever comes in the path by Saying YES. Its fear as well as hesitation that makes us to choose YES instead we want to say NO.  Either you are in office with lot of already pending tasks or you are in the middle of something else. New things always lure to take it up and often we end up taking it by saying us. Here are the few points you should start saying NO to make your life little bit easy:-

1)      Saying No will reduce stress: - More work in less time will always make you stressful. If you do not know how to manage time chances are more that you will end up saying YES to everything. Start calculating and organizing the work you already have before taking new one. You have only 24 hours in a day and you have to manage everything in that. When things go out of this bucket, stress starts coming up. Organizing your work will help you in calculation whether you are ready to take up new task or not. It is always good to say NO than to deliver incomplete work.

2)      Saying No will make you focus: - Whenever new work approach you, it disturbs your focus. You are already working on tasks, which are 80, 90, 30 percent completed and taking new task meaning adding a work with 100 percent incomplete. It divert your focus while working on multiple things. There are also cases where you were involved in very important task and somebody from nowhere invited you for a party. You go to a party with half interest by compromising work because you do not said NO to friend. It is always good to say No in these cases. They will understand you and accept that you are busy.

3)      Saying No will make your relations better: - We often think that saying NO  will affect our relations but it is not true. Saying YES will affect more than saying NO. You cannot accept everything that comes to you from friends, relatives and colleagues. A point will come when you will break up doing things for them and this is the point where relations will not go in a good manner. Instead, if you say NO to them then they will understand about you and can give the things to other people in their circle and you can focus on the things you have already taken up from them.

There are also cases in the relationships where things are not going well but still you do not have the courage to say No because of which it is troubling. It is better to say No and move on instead thinking and weeping on the situation.

4)      Saying No will make you a worth in front of others: - If you start saying No and make it habit in your life. This will indulge believe and respect for you in other eyes. People will understand you that if you say yes you are meant to it. If you say No then you are busy. They will not take you as a person who makes excuses.

5)      Saying No will make you more confident:- This will build a confidence inside you. You will be more accurate about the things you work and things you deal in day-to-day life. You would know which the thing you should be involve is and which should need to skip. You will spent quality time on quality work. You will be engaged among the person who value time and quality. This will help you in living more organized way.



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