Search for Maggi - A story about hunger


There was a silence around everywhere. It was the midnight time. At regular interval  only noises were coming up from the bark of dog.

Sam woke up just now with a sudden dream. He is still confused about the whereabouts of him. Is he still dreaming or is he already woke up. The day was not that great for him. He slept without having any food in the evening.

An urge to have a food started growing up in his mind ,with a heavy heart he slowly moved towards the kitchen and found containers empty. Nothing was there in the kitchen. He thought to have Maggi and went to check the drawer . He found nothing but empty packets. He was not able to remember when he finished the last one.

The appetite kept on increasing and hunger was on peek. He checked every damn thing to get at least bite of something but he found nothing. He Know only one thing to cook and that was also not available.

He know one place where he can get the Maggi at this time. He looked at his bike and found a very little petrol. He know it can only go to some 10 kilometers but he was happy that Maggi shop is just a 2 km ahead and he can come back with that.

He started and as he reached the destination ,shop was shut. He found no hustle bustle at this time, although daily this place was full with people. His mind just got a kick that it is holiday today and mostly shops don't open.

He kept on riding in search of Maggie and forgot the situation about petrol and  bike stopped at the point where there were no petrol pumps. He started with the urge to have a Maggi and now in a deep tense situation where he need petrol as well.

Hunger was big evil at this time than petrol. He left his bike there only and kept searching with foot. He saw a guy nearby smoking and approached him.

Do you know any shop which sell Maggi?

Guy saw him with a weird look and told no it's not possible at this time. All shops are closed and leave Maggi you will not going to get anything at this time still if you wanna try you can go to the next street right left from here may be something is waiting there.

He thank that guy and went to the street, he found nothing but a chunks of huts. There was a shop but with no gas. He got devastated by the situation. He is in a very tense mood at this time. Nothing was working in his favor.

While returning from the street some goons put an eye on him and finally grabbed him.

What are you searching for?
Nothing. I am hungry and searching if I  could get a Maggi.

Take your purse out and hand all the money to us . They threatened him.
Sam was not having any options handed over all the money to them.

He started returning towards his bike with a heavy hunger. He was feeling like he is going to die. He didn't got even water on his way. He was robbed. He curse his day and also he curse the urge to have a Maggi.

He reached to his bike and tried ways so that it can start . Accidentally the bike started . He ride it with a full speed but after 500 meters again it got stopped. He parked it in a nearby apartment by pledging the security guard. Earlier they were not ready but later they agreed.

Again the urge hit his mind. He asked security people politely do you have anything to eat ? I am in terribly bad situation. One of the security person told yeah may be we have some Maggi left from we just eat , you can have that.

Sam looked them in astonishing way with excitement Really? At this point of time he forgot everything and his eyes were sparkling.

He saw Maggi and his love, desire, dream everything got accomplished with that simgle moment.

He was happy and invited security person to his home if anyone wants to join him tomorrow.

Sometimes nothing works for you and when you start losing hope with heavy heart. Things just come to you by own like a magic. Same thing happens with Sam also. When he was searching with full zeal he found nothing then he came back from that without having any hope he just got what he was searching.



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