Arrogance wrapped in Attitude is really BAD


“Attitude” is a feeling of joy where one feels everything is settled and there is nothing to worry about. This word is having a great impact on the human race may be since from first human itself. This feeling is dangerous as well as touchwood. People do get fear from it if it is experience by someone else and also do get Goosebumps while experiencing it.

When you talk with someone the other person can feel it at an instant only. There is nothing to tell about and nothing to learn about. It is something that just gets out of you from the actions and expressions. People argued and given lectures on it. Many relationships and friendships saw end because of it. Many businesses saw a big failure through it, many countries went into war because of it. It seems really absurd how this tiny word and feeling associated to it created so much fuss in the world.

When you show the Arrogance what really happens is that your mind stops working and you get into position where you feel to be on the top of world. You don’t understand sentiments, arguments, and expressions. You feel to be in a situation where you are boss and rest all are your puppets. This whole situation can really do a lot of damage if you think about it. A person who just stopped caring about the world and is not considering any advices will be the person who will did his/her own grave.

Attitude is not always bad but it depends. If you don’t show the amount of settlements in your feeling you are doing good to you. A person gets your Arrogance (bad part of attitude) only when you show the feeling of settlement otherwise nobody can get it. The situations are like:-

1)    You are not giving attention to someone because he is poor and you are rich.
2)   You are shouting on someone without reason just to show your perfection.
3)   You think that only you can do certain amount of tasks.
4)   You think you are the best.
5)   You start taking success as your property.
6)   You have some authority and you are trying to tell others about it.

All the above points I am sure you must felt or saw someone feeling. These all can put you into trouble so what should do with this behavior?

1)    Feel good about it but don’t show it in expressions.
2)   Feeling is not permanent so don’t consider it property.
3)   Always be humble with others and never show that you have attained something great.
4)   Don’t discuss your achievements in front of people who are craving for it and get hurt while listening about your success.
5)   Don’t show in the society like you are the boss and all the things you have is your own.
6)   Never ever try to shout on anyone just because he/she missed or damaged something.
7)   The way you behave with others is the same way others behave with you so enjoy the attitude but not at the cost of others feeling.

Keep calm and have a great life.



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