Why to Pen down Failure Stories


"Failure stories are as important as success stories and nothing is wrong to have it."

We often see web is full of success stories and hardly any success story helps then what is that thing which helps the most. Yes, it is failure stories. We do not learn from our success but we learn from failures. You remember when first time you start practicing to stand, each time you fell you find out a way not to fall again then there came a point where you learnt the actual way to stand.

Life works in a same way but because of fear of failure, we do not even try for a success. We knew in the childhood how person looks like standing, we saw all the people around us who can stand easily but still we learnt it by trying by our own selves. Similarly, web and books are filled up with lot of tricks and tips, which can tell one the magic to succeed but person will not get success until he/she will not try.

A person who gets success after lot of failures is having a taste of great results and hard work. Accidental success also happens but they are rarest of gem, most of the time success comes after working hard day and night continuously without any break. Each of us saw failures and success both but to make the world better why not start-telling failure stories because there are so many who are telling their success ones.

You should pen down your failure story because:-

  • You must tell the next generation what steps already invented while chasing success.

  • You must tell them how it feels when you got a failure for the first time.

  • You must tell them it is okay to fail.

  • You must tell them how previous failure attempts made your next step better one.

  • You must tell them that not only they but also many fails during the life.

  • You must tell them failure is not only happens in career but in many areas of life.

  • You must tell them to not stop because of failures but keep trying until the success do not touch their feet.

  • You must tell them there are thousands of people who are trying to make their life better and not all are successful.

  • You must tell them that life gives chances again and again, nothing is permanent not even failure.

  • You must tell them to work hard for making themselves and their life better not because other people got better life.



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