What introvert think about society and themselves?


Sitting at the corner of a coffee house, I stared an empty space. A space where nothing was present, a space that does not reflect anything but keeps on absorbing matter, a space that is so dark that even black hole will feel jealous. It was not the first time but I did it so many times that it becomes a habit. A habit that started from nowhere and made me addicted to the both coffee and empty spaces.

Life is very different from person to person for some it is boon for other it is bane. It is amazing to look people happy, who enjoy in the gatherings of their loved one but not everybody is so lucky to have this luxury. When I was betrayed for the first time it felt normal then second time it was awkward and then it becomes the routine. People are selfish and everybody has to deal with it. I feel good living alone than to be in the company of false people. People who do showoff who buy things just to impress others, who chant their success stories, who insult other people, who do backbiting. Yes, most of us have all the above traits, which is mandatory and necessary to be included among the people from elite class, but anyhow I was never able to cope up with it and eventually prefer to live life alone.

Sometimes I do think about the relations and material world but the duration of thought is not enough to keep me interacted in these. I have seen my up and downs, nobody came to console me when my time was bad. There are so many luring things people have that the shine of soul is nowhere in front of material shine. The more material one possess the more respect one gets. The number party’s one throw defines the loyal friend one have.

The society is different and it is running by very different people. The people like me do not fit to it that is the reason we are the one who eventually come out having dinner alone. We are the people who buy single ticket in theaters and we are the one who keeps on telling adventures about solo travelling, we are the one who created hype to live life like a rock star because we know that we do not fit into the society.

When I look into the sky I see stars but when society looks it looks for the skyline. When I look into the road, I see a way when society looks it looks for the destination. I do not try to find logic in every matter but society looks for it. Society even laugh with the logic and search humor with the same. I don’t fit into it. I feel more energized when I am alone and feel people sucking my energy in the group.

I hate doing short talks and hate knowing outer attire of the people. I love if the talks can be little longer and I love If I know people with their soul rather than the belongings they have. I am as extrovert as anyone else but I have my limits to show it. I love being creative and love to produce things rather than sitting at one place consuming things and doing nothing. Somewhere I feel there is an artist inside me and world change more because of my actions than the decisions people take in extraordinary parties. I love reading history and knowing about the personalities, I love relating relations. I am bit emotional but intelligent. I do not pretend fake smile, if I laugh I laugh for the reason. People call me introvert but I think I am not. People talk about me on my back, they call me mad. People feel I have a problem and attitude, they call me abnormal. People feel that I avoid them because of fear , they call me coward. I avoid going to parties , they call me unsocial. There are so many things in my life that I feel happy going to coffee house and staring empty spaces. They tell me nothing but from them I tell something to myself.

~ Nobody from the Society of Introvert 

Note :- this is not a personal experience. I am ambivert :p



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