Why startup can be a bad idea in college?


Startups are always fascinating when you see gaining fame, success, visibility and money as early as possible. Yes , All the talks you ever listen and all the brands you ever saw it holds true for all of them but what you don’t know is that all you get is for short duration not for very long term. People from various stages do a daunting task “Doing startup of their own”. People who are still in college are also not behind in this race. I was also one of the person in the race who did so, here are the few experiences, which are repetitive for most of the college startups:-

1)      Compromise with the study:-First problem you will get is about compromising the study. When you get an idea to create multibillion-dollar Company. You hardly believe on any theorem, subject and syllabus. You start creating a false image in mind that whatever you studied until now is useless and the thing you are going to study is useless. Soon you will see your grades going down and in some cases you can even fail in one or more subject.

2)      Friendship on stake: - This point is not that important but still viable. You have an idea and to convert it into the business model you need a lot of hard work and time. You will be going to miss all the outings and birthday party for sure. You will fear to tell them that you are working on a product for not to be the part of mockery. Soon you will see yourself working continuously on the product and missing everything with friends. People will call you mad and unsocial. If you have cofounders than that is going to be worse as when business comes in friendship or friendship comes with business life is tougher to deal with.

3)      College Professors behind you: - You may think that nobody is watching you but your college professors will be the first one to notice your activities. They may seem to you having no interest but they will keep an eye on everybody and guess what they will be trying you to teach the real lesson that is startup is not a cup of tea for 20 something. They will give you many examples that eventually helps in downing your morale.

4)      Parent pressure: - Your parents will also not able to grasp the thing that you are working on a product while still studying in college. They will come up with every possible story to tell you that it is a bad idea. They cannot grasp the thing that their son/daughter is not going to become what he/she joined college for but searching another area that is called entrepreneurship.

5)     Investors denying every pitch: - What do you think about investors at this stage? They are not going to give any money however good idea you have. They believe in experiences and confidence. When you will go to first time, they will ask about the product, they will give you full time to explain everything but at the end, they will reject you. You will never get why they did so. They get thousands of pitches every month and when they have so many things to work on why they are going to bet on an untested product.

6)      Customers not believing on you: - When you will go to the customers for testing your product even if free, they are not going to test it. Customers do not try the product unless it is not a symbol of showoff or its really solving their problem. There are so many beta products launched every day and not many even touch lakhs of user. You need to be very better at economics and advertising not only having an idea is going to help you in covering the staircases.

7)      Doubt on Dreams: - When most of steps you followed is coming to failure sometime even you will doubt on your dreams. It is very easy to develop a product put it into the market and show to investors but the difficult part is handling the failure after it. Being a college student, you will be already going with lot of turmoil, which can break you at this stage.

8)      College Placements an easy gate to enter into the corporate world: - After you start doubting on your dreams, you will see placements as the chance to enter into the corporate world and join the rat race. You have not studied much about courses and didn’t attended classes but still you are very sure that telling about failed startup will easily get you in any company. Mark my words you will be joining the best company and will never be able to start up again.

9)       Relationships on stake: - While working on the startup you were so busy that you even did not get the time to hang out with friends. You relationship with everybody around will not be good while leaving the college. You will not be having much memory to cherish on. You will pass out from the college with excellence but without friendship. In worst case, you may even have to stay for one more year to clear all the papers.

10) From hero to zero: - It is normal in our life that when we start something we consider ourselves hero who is going to rule in near future. During our journey between low and high most of the time we eventually start believing that all the information we have about ourselves is false and the end if we are going through turmoil continuously end up being a zero.

Above experiences are inspired from my real experiences. If you see it, there is a pattern of failure. At each step, you can avoid next step to happen. If you are really do care about the startup you should never stop. Life will give you thousands of excuses that why it can fail but believe in yourself and work hard until all comes not into your plate. The thing you lost you lost forever and the thing you gain is also going to live with you forever. Prioritize the things and grab the world.



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