No logic in Human Connections


There is no logic in human’s connections. Yes, you read it right. I came around this question several times that what it works for one people why it not works for other. The interest in every individual are in plenty of numbers that it is nearly impossible to find two people of exact same mindset and behavior.

If you sit with one group of people, for them not all the mindset is right. If you sit with some different bench, it is a same story there. Roots are somewhere inside the brain which keeps on telling about right and wrong, the meaning is different for everyone. People have a tendency to mock others who do not behave like their mindset. It all depends on numbers; the large number in mindset wins the argument. Drinking beer or going to a club is well-accepted thing in west but not in the conservative society.

If you are an introvert or a person who is shy, it is difficult to survive in the world that keeps on talking. However, there are standards for everything that makes the society what it is today. The connection between two people depends on the love, affection, mutual respect with each other. If it is absent in any of them the connection will stop at one point of time in future. Today’s world more care about gains from each other rather than doing self-service. For everything, a person wants his/her motive to satisfy whatever the case it may be.

If you put logic between the dealing of people, it might be dangerous because logic works exactly same for everything but with humans it deviates terribly from person to person. One can have a love for movies other can have love for games. Getting a movie ticket for the person who enjoys games is not something that is the expectation of his gift. The irony is that nobody tells each other the exact thing because of fear. A fear of getting type of response.

There are people who can be nice in front of you but are the one who talk many bad words behind on your back about you. There can be people who are rude to you but are the one who loves you more than anything and having rude behavior is just a part of their personality. I tried to find logics in relations thousands time but not able to find any.

Except the people who know you since from your childhood none other person can have same repo with you except yourself. When you meet an old friend after a long time, it is hard to find the same connection because both have changed a lot during the time in different circumstances and different environment. Maybe you will have a cup of coffee or something together but it is hard to get the same repo again. The people are different and their mentality is entirely different, some are blessed and some are poor. You cannot judge anyone just by seeing them, they have their past and you don’t know what journey they have traveled.



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