At the start of my career while I was busy with doing assessments, programs, tests and work of the training, I was bit nervous about my future and present due to hectic work schedule and tasks, but then one fine day I got a chance to meet with somebody who filled tons of optimism inside me and inside everybody else who was present in that seminar hall. It was the story of a personality by himself that made people cry, laugh, tensed while listening but in the end it was optimism that was flourishing from the eyes of everyone.

He was the person who started his career from a very small village did not know anything about the modern world. He interacted with some of the villagers who lived in cities and got to know about “Ramakrishna math “where he can go and learn some valuable knowledge in the city for doing some work in exchange. He liked the concept and left his city to find work there which he got anyhow but not very easily. He worked very hard and learned every bit from it.
One day while visiting a bank he got to know about a woman in her twenties earning a lot of amounts. He enquired and got to know that working in a software company means a lot of money at that time and he made the conclusion on the point that she works there. Without any prior knowledge, he started applying for positions and say it luck or a hard work he got one job. He started working as a secretary because there was no other role suits him and for 8 months of regularly asking  for onsite trips , telling everybody about his dreams , troubling boss each day about his status of work and working hard in the meanwhile of his assigned work  just to complete his dreams of earning money. Because of his patience, dedication, hope, optimism one day his boss called him and told about his dream of going on the onsite trip is accepted.

Till here I can conclude that focusing on one thing can take you close towards your dreams but optimism towards your dreams can take you towards more successful destinations.

Same thing happened with him that trip changed his life forever and because of his hard work and dedication he travelled every best city of the world, earned an amount that he even never imagine of having it, Got positions that only degree specialization techies can opt for, became the global head of his field in very little time. Everything was fine until he got the news of having cancer. He went on for therapy, lost all hairs during treatment lost his father and brother in sudden deaths but still he kept on hoping for something good that can change his feet. He fought hard with cancer. He operated for one after other body parts, but he never lost the hope to survive. He got through the pain during the operation that not everybody can undergo; instead of limited number of surgeons in a country he never lost a hope. He was always optimized to live. He lost strength in his voice and legs to travel and talk but still he kept on hoping and optimizing about future. Finally after two years of regular treatment, yoga and naturopathy he got his life back. On one vocal cord, he got back to his office. He transformed his life to telling others that if had done it then anybody can do it.

It does not matter whether anybody is starting from village or with no knowledge , anybody is having disease or anybody is fighting for life if  one has desire to live life, optimism about living can do it for sure. Optimism whether it is in dreams or in life or in money, it does not matter what it is for, but it should motivate the person to live the life through it.

I had seen optimism in him, in his fight, in his tears that came down while telling the story. I had seen the optimism in the silence of the hall that just want to thank him for such an amazing inspiration, I had seen optimism in the voice of him that is not clear but enough to destroy all the mind blocks about life.

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