A Letter to Final year engineering students and wannabe techies of IT field


Dear juniors,

I hope you are enjoying best days of life in the last phase of college. Some of you might already get placed in some reputed companies while some of you are still trying to get into one among them. Most of you already covered a large part of the tourist destinations from the country across four years of engineering and if not maybe you are planning to cover it soon. If you have already broke up with your crush then congrats and if not be ready to face the depression season coming soon. I know your first priority were always remain to do lot of crazy things and get a decent job in MNC to show your parents and teachers that you were not just a crap but from inside you want to do something else.

I hope you are talented enough to do a lot of codes in your life as you had not done much in your engineering. The term “Computer Science & Engineering” is not a joke and you can’t take it though but in the last few years actually you were playing around it as a joke only. So the day is coming soon when you will become from something XYZ to Er. XYZ. I know most of you want to choose IT field because of its attraction, working style and money power you can earn or maybe you have no choice to opt anything other than it.

So I want to tell you some key things about life that you are going to face while working in IT fields.

1)Data Structures – They troubled you more than anything in your life and were like a nightmare when you were reading it as a subject but these are the only basic things from which you can earn a lot of things in IT field . So if you don’t know anything about it just start working on it. At least some basic operations regarding linked lists, trees, stacks, queues, STL so that you can do well in Algorithms.

2) Operating systems-  Maybe you have passed this subject just by reading and understanding the concepts of the syllabus but your journey is not going to over until you don’t know how actually memory works while doing programming. If you know the data structures you should know about the memory working and complexity of each algorithm.

3) Algorithms – Maybe these were the codes of few lines for you in books but in the real world these are the only thing that matters most. If you don’t know how to develop algorithms your life in the IT sector is not going to be on heights. You should be capable of playing with math’s and data structures to develop it.

4) Hard work -  Maybe you have not seen the environment of working continuously for 16-18 hours in colleges but as soon as you will be reaching in the IT world this will become the habit. Knowledge sharing is the least process anybody is doing so you have to learn everything by your own.If you are good at basics no problem for you else be ready to do hard work.

5) Trips / Friends / Parties / Outings – These are the parallel things that will go side by side with all above points. You will realize the true things about life if you have managed to learn all of  the four skills. The days are going to be the best days more than the crazy things what you had done in colleges. The IT sector will give you weekends to enjoy like you never before.

6) CAT/GATE- Preparation never ends and thus soon you will be seeing that the same person who never wants to study anything after engineering got into hard preparation of CAT/GATE. In IT sector, more than 60% of people involved in such kind of activities so plan your career on the first day itself.

These six points may horror you at  the certain extent but as you know all these depicts to get a person on the heights in the IT sector. If you know real engineering then you can also develop products like facebook, WhatsApp, Apple, Microsoft and instagram.

So welcome in the field where learning never stops .To save your seat you have to learn faster than anybody else saving his/her seats.

All the best

A person who has not received any letter like this



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