Decision that changed my destination


I was at the age of 12 wanted to achieve big, something that nobody even imagine for getting from my village. Even today when I see myself comparing to that age I do not find anywhere close to that desire. The boy who wants to dream big for which he even wants to leave his hometown, family, relatives and all the comfort zones just to get education in an English medium school is more eager to get his dreams than a well settled IT engineer cum writer here.

I remember the hot summer June of my class 8th exams, when one thing astonished me, it was the notice that from 9th onwards our medium of study is going to be Hindi (U.P.Board). The moment was like some attack for me. I was studying in the best school in the town and in that too if I can’t afford English medium learning then where is my future? I knew clearly that if it is not now then I can never be able to achieve my dreams.

I was silent for few days and then one day I told my parents about my aspirations, my parents as always of supportive nature supported my decision and helped me to get admission in the top school of the district. At that time may be many of parents can take their hands back because of hefty tuition and hostel fees of the school but my parents not even helped but travelled with me step by step in every test, interviews and all possible destinations. The decision was bold to take and that’s why it became the turning point of my life.

I felt very bad in the first few days and nights away from home and family, living  in between some unknown person  in an unknown place so called Hostel. For the first few months I was not able to sleep properly, sometimes in a loneliness I wanted to weep but as I see my dreams I knew that it is the only path to achieve it, if I cannot manage this right now I will not be able to do it anytime in future . I worked hard in those years. I got some best teachers and friends in the journey. Friends who left their home to travel the self-made path of their dreams like me, teachers who teach me how to survive in odd situations, how to fight to earn the dreams. Each lesson was the miracle for me that changed me completely.

This was the turning decision that changed my perspective towards life; it was the decision because of which I am writing a blog here. Whether getting meritorious position in math’s Olympiad or getting attention because of my debates skills everywhere this decision played a great role. I can never imagine myself to be here if I had not taken that decision.

The decision that took me with itself from cities to cities as well as from people to people giving me more experience, chaos, craziness, adventures and amazing lifestyles. Whenever I see back I see this decision that changed my destination.




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