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Door kept on knocking again and again. Armaan in his flat wishing that somebody stop the guy who is knocking the door otherwise he will shoot him right in front of his head. He is in no mood to talk with anybody now. Few hours back he got the news of losing everything he ever loved and now this guy is irritating him.

Armaan was working in a project that is going to launch image transferring devices by that anybody anywhere can transfer their images to feel the location in real but project turn out to a bigger fail. He invested years in it and now it is not working so a big zero for him. Investors want their money back, cofounders already went away towards something else, he was dreaming about the project success more than anything he dreamt in life. He is feeling silence in his mind while smoking continuously on his chair. He is thinking about various plans which he can always take to become fame but no he had chosen his dreams.

 He was remembering the day when he stepped inside this city as a beginner and in his right front, world changed as never before. He was the reason behind air riding bikes, jet courier services, and instant food anytime anywhere by changing the molecular behavior of raw food, he was the person who replaced heat with bio molecular disturbance technique to cook the food but he failed in this project. He can become the next Einstein, Edison or jobs of 21St century but his whole investment got into waste. He is just thinking why his project failed , why a person is still using images and videos for entertainment , why he just don’t go right inside the environment like he is always there , like he is a part of it. He was trying to replace arrow keys of a laptop to real signal from mind. He had seen the change how real buttons transformed into touch and now he wants to transform that touch into real. He was thinking why people still need a material to view things why person cannot directly go anywhere anytime by using air medium. He was trying to transfer body molecules at the speed of light but he failed. May be his imaginations are still weak or he didn’t had the right guy to do the activity but he still waiting with lot of thoughts in his mind. How he can be the reason for his change.

He is looking like a person who didn’t sleep from years and he doesn’t know that sleeping exists in this world. He can always be seen sitting in front of his workstation doing programming from signal of mind, he is never worried about how system works but he always worried about how system has to work. He is he one kind of a guy who creates a new world. People don’t like them and they do not have the time for people. They come once in a year in front of audience and audience goes mad by just listening their voices. They are the one who know how imagination should turn out in to reality. They fail and fail again, thousands of time and nobody cares about them. They work for 20-25 years and one care cares about them but once they come up with series of products one by one everyone becomes mad to be like them. People see only present and want to get it but nobody cares past.

He forgets again what had just happen and again started working on a project for another 10 or maybe 20 years to make better life for others by sacrificing his own.


  1. Loved the way you have storified a fall of an Angle.Thanks for sharing this article.



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