After graduating from college in our country (INDIA) most of the people want to know their purpose of life. Everybody had done their graduation for a very own different purpose. Not many people choose subjects according to their interests but according to some advice given to them. It is very hard to get admission in the field where one wants to pursue dreams because of large population and hectic competitions. The questions that rise in one’s mind are like…

What is our purpose of life?

Purpose of life is different for everyone in this world.

1.Some wants to rock the world by earning a lot of amount.
2.Some wants to live life simple.
3.Some have their own reasons to live the life according to others will.
4.Some wants to explore their soul by working for their own interests.
5.Some wants to follow the path of entrepreneurship and startup culture to change the world.
6.Some people raise their voice for others to fight for their rights.
7.Some become writers and poets to see the express the world in a different world.

But the youth always gets confused about which path to follow in life. Whether to go for dreams or career. Youth don’t know their actual interests. They are still finding the areas in their soul which they can pursue to lead their dreams. Sometimes they feel like what I am doing in this world if I have not a single purpose to continue my life.

What we are doing?

As they don’t know the purpose of life they are always in confusion about their working style. Actually they question everything in life to do or not to do. Youth wants a purpose and their work but everyday they get up with thousands of ideas and slept with blank minds without any proper implementations.

Why I am not achieving any goals?

There is no solid purpose in life and no enthusiasm to work. Setting goals in life is purely depends on the purpose of life. The way youth design their future is the way how it works in real world but without any proper outline every goal is a failure and that is the reason most of the goals are converted into failures.

Why nobody acknowledge me?

People respect work and the success stories around it. If a person is not capable of defining their work area and no goal is achieved by him/her in recent days that will going to acknowledge him/her. Everybody wants to meet the personalities who are having a magical touch and clear vision in their personalities.

From this article I just want to point out for a purpose in life …

1.    Find INTEREST.
2.    Follow it and WORK on it.
3.    Make GOALS around it to achieve.
4.    Work hard to convert goals into success.
5.    Talk about it and find better way to do it.

REPEAT it till your 30’s and I am sure that one interest will kick every part of your body and you will find the purpose of life. 20-30 is the age of experiments when we are highly energetic and can change things in our favor by working hard on it.

Think on a big canvas losers think on small 



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