Yesterday I felt a very weird experience while dreaming. It shattered me from inside and outside both. The experience was full of craziness but it was covering a deep extent. I was sleeping in a normal way then there were various moments started to happening one after the other in my dreams.

The scene was going around a war. There were many people fighting with each other through mobile phones. There were no bombs, pistols, rifles or missiles but simple people with mobiles in their hand. The fight was not the normal one but for the area capturing by wifi network. The people want to cover maximum area of a wifi network because they want to be superior at any cost. The people were crazy and sending signals that are harmful for eyes and skin. Some signals are so strong that penetrates through the eyes and can destroy liver, kidneys and all the body parts. This was possible just because of the invention that happens few days back which made possible to convert the radiations from screen into harmful rays. Everybody was involved in the war and caused a huge damage to the society at the end most of the people lost their life or body parts but some were happy to won the network and now they are undisputed king of wifi routers.

People started communicating with Bluetooth’s and they are sending everything from it. They can convert any food, luxury into signals and also can transfer them over the communication. The people who won the war made their life very easy. Now they don’t have to travel. They are just travelling through Bluetooth’s. They have designed their own communication channels to go from one place to other. They can see themselves anywhere via converting their mind thoughts to original signals and can pass it into any channels to feel the reality.

The life was going through a very easy phase for every winner and then the entry of Bluetooth ghosts occurred. It was not the day that make it happens but the way world was developing itself make it to do happen. The Bluetooth ghosts were nothing but the original ghosts who are travelling through a Bluetooth communication. Whenever a person on his/her Bluetooth wants to send something from it. The person can find out many unknown names. They are the Bluetooth ghosts. Who are capturing everything on the network? They were so powerful that they can even capture the mind signals to control the person through it. They are destroying everything that they find in a midway. Everybody was in a horror state. Some people you have seen that go on mad and people say this is because of some ghosts but in a new era it is happening because of Bluetooth ghosts. They can even convert the luxury in a mid way before it can actually reach to the receiver from communicator. Then I find myself in a horror stage where even my Bluetooth stops working because of one unknown ghost who captured everything that imitates from my phones. I was totally in horror position and I felt that my body was started converting into some signal that is moving to some outside planet. It was the clear observation that the ghosts are not anyone but the aliens who are destroying the community on the earth.

Then I slowly opened my eyes to find me on my bed and I felt very relax not because I am alive but because it was a dream. From that dream I got many lessons but the most important one to be away from mobile phones and access it whenever necessary. Yeah radiations are still emitting from mobile phones and are also harmful but we ignore it but from this dream I can find out how much destruction can mobile phones do most important the smart phones can do.



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