5 self discoveries about life in 2014 that I want to take in 2015


Every year teaches us some lessons to move on in life with new learning’s. The year 2014 teaches me 5 best lessons that I am going to share with you.

Lesson 1 – “Never try for extra things until you are not perfect in one “

It is the human tendency that never wants to stop. One wants to achieve everything from life that he/she can. There are certain moments for which a person is good but without even completing it to the best, He/she diverts to learn another thing in life and becomes “JACK OF ALL TRADE MASTER OF NONE”. The world changed to a lot and in this era to become successful one needs to master at least one area and then move on forward to learn other things. There can be various moments where one even can doubts on self esteem to attain a thing if he/she involves in diverting paths so frequently. The perfection is very necessary in life.

Lesson 2 – “Never promise anything to anyone until you are not sure about it”

The case where we often promise multiple things to fulfill others need without actually analyzing it but as soon as we come into reality, we find ourselves in a very bad position to survive that promise. Some people are so good that they don’t know to say no so they accept all the things that asked from them to fulfill but this lead to problem for both of them and at the end relationships are not as per as it were before the promise. So saying “no” is not a bad case if one is not sure about it how to fulfill.

Lesson 3 –“Career choices should be on caliber and reality  not as per the fantasies”

We read many things about different professionals who changed the world by their extra ordinary skills and wanted to become one but we often change our careers according to the stories about them. In my view career is the most serious thing that one need to take care about, it is sole responsible thing that decides where one’s life is going to end. Choose it wisely and once chosen it never ever try to think about other careers. Read the personalities about which are in your career. Never change your option because some person in other profession is earning more fame and money than you. If you are concentrating about your profession no one can stop you from becoming a huge success.

Lesson 4- “Reality is not about what you see but is all about what you feel”

Reality cannot be calculated by the number of followers on social network or twitter account. Neither can it be judged by the number of likes on your status and profile pictures. It is actually what you feel about it. If you are feeling that you are not good in your work than work hard to improve it and not stop because some stranger on social network is saying that you are her inspiration and you are king in this profession.

People flatter you and flatter everywhere because they want to get some attention from you but you should not faith them blindly until you are not actually feeling about it.

Lesson 5- “Life is all about exploring not about stopping”

Life is a very fast journey. It helps to jump from one part to the other. It takes you with it to travel every corner of the world. It takes you in a lap and meets you with uncomfortable experiences, sudden behaviors, thunder moments and all the astonishing activities that trouble you at the beginning but once you fight with all of them, you will become a person of value. The soul of you now knows that the ending always happens in a good way if you had believed on yourself. We must not stop at any moment in life. A wall is there between you and your success because it stops all those people who don’t want to go other side by heart but the one who really wants to go they break the wall and let the other side celebrate their welcome.



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