A day in the life of writer


5:00 am
It’s a very cold morning here. I am trying to sleep again but I can’t due to hilarious alarm clock. From the day I started putting my clock away from me, it’s very hard to sleep again. Last night I was working till 2 to write a story but can’t finished even a 1000 words due to changing plots of characters at every moment in the story but as my day starts with 5 am I have to woken up in this morning.

6:00 am
I started jogging to practice my health dreams that I was seeing from last few days. It feels great practicing new thing every day and jogging is a nice activity to do. I also made some friends during it, to listen stories from them about their life and later to write them in my work.

7:00 am
Coffee is a very energetic drink to make morning fresh and charming. It’s my usual routine to have it five or six times a day. Morning usually goes on checking all the mails, comments and blog posts anything related to work. Most of the time goes on doing these types of activity whole of the day.

9:00 am
After taking breakfast I keep on busy doing research work related to everything that is happening across this country. Sometimes I get lost in the world of internet and while other time I find myself holding piles of books to read things written by other writers. I keep on doing things whole of the day in same manner throughout the year and ends up increasing my knowledge day by day but useless to sell as internet increases its knowledge many thousands time than mine.

5:00 pm
Got bored from the day to day activity and thinking to go outside for some. Most of the time my evening ends up with meeting some new/old friends and doing nothing just sharing about my ideas of work to them. I know that they don’t care but still I love to share my feelings with anyone who can at least listen it. When they tell me about other writers who are succeeding I too get few seconds of confidence but as I do not earn anything it seems that I am spoiling my life in doing no creative work.

10:00 pm
I am again on my writing table and after thinking about whole day, I don’t know how but I can get enough motivation to write things in my work. I feel emotional, crazy, disturb and everything while writing and it goes on all the night till I am not satisfied with my writing.

I had chosen career as a writer just because want to be one and it has nothing to do with money. Yeah I am poor as poor Beggar in terms of money and as rich as bill gates in term of knowledge. I don’t have money that I don’t visit places in holidays until I don’t win any travel contest for picnic. My life depends on coupons and sponsors more than money. I am living my life on the few bucks paid to me by magazine or by some newspaper. I still live with a handbag and also I am not a celebrity like Chetan bhaghat and durjoy dutta but hoping to be one of them someday.

When I read stories about writers who invest whole of their life in producing content for other but earning not a extra penny for me, I feel like I am going to one but still hoping for a good future as I started writing just few days back.



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