Simple or coruscating lifestyle


Life has two ways to live it. Either be simple or enjoy the things which are meant to enjoy or lost in the shinning world by enjoy each little bit part of it. Year 2014 was a year I will remember for the self discovery. There are many cases where we can’t find our identity to which exactly it matches. From my personal experiences I found few points that define where our life is going and in long run what is correct path to follow.

1.     In our surrounding there are two types of people one who are calm and simple, other who are sparkling and limelight. We don’t know whom to follow but from heart we always want to be in the second category. In the long run we find that the first category is more successful but the question is why?

2.     If we see the things from very close they are successful because they know on which time what to do. They know that work is not a burden in life. They love their work instead to be run away from it. The second category see life as a resource that is ending with pace so they want to enjoy every moment of it but as soon as they move on they feel sad to waste time in past activities which they can always do in later.

3.     The second category people do not go very long because as they do not know the meaning of life balance but the first category people always following it since from invention to life.

Life Balance –


If anyone is giving importance of anything more than the required it is hard to become successful in life and success does not meant in terms of money but in terms of everything. As materials can’t give us happiness but the things around it. Some people said that life is unexpected but what I learnt from life is a chart of age where every age defines top priority to follow but if we are not following it then we are not ending anywhere close to success.



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