Its my first job :)


My college days were expired more than 5 months back as I had already graduated as an IT engineer of course after clearing all exams including projects. I was waiting alone from morning to evening and to night, just for a one reason that someday I will get my joining letter. It was frustrating moments when someone come to home and asked about joining. It’s a ritual in IT industry that a person can expect joining after a 5 to 6 months but society does not understand it. They just want to see us outside the city and same thing I was expected. Whenever I checked my day. I always wonder to do something productive but at the end all goes in vain.

My college seniors had already said a lot of things about joining and expectations go high every time I feel being an engineer. I was spending the longest holidays in my last 4 years. Nobody was around to disturb the concentration, no crushes, no love, no canteen and class gossips, no outings just me with my loneliness.

I always think about working someday to earn some respect. I like to have my in dependency as earlier as I can. The things were changing, the dreams were changing, the thoughts and feelings were changing and in the middle I was waiting just for one thing my joining letter.

One fine day I was wishing hardly to get the joining and that was the day my luck gifted me a joining. My heart beats goes on increasing as I started reading about it and that’s the place my eyes were stopped at a junction. It’s Hyderabad. I was happier to have it in the starting of my career.

The first week already passed away. It’s some sort of great feeling that I can’t able to describe it in words. It’s like taking a new birth. Environment is fabulous here. What I always wished for to apply the skills into the real life projects. It’s something I admire most to have a great team. Yes I m lucky to got a team. The in-dependency is the new life here. It’s just an amazing feeling going and coming in formal suits. It’s a transformation from jeans – t-shirts boy into a proper dressed man. The outings are not like a simple college days outings and after first weekend it’s confirmed that life is going to get feel something crazy. I love the life and will love the future because you know it’s my first job.



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