Hyderabad is a great city with its blossoming culture and greatest architectures. It is a city which can finds many purpose for you to travel it from your place. The city of lakes is having a series of lakes around it. One of the city in India known for large number of software firms. There are the five things you must do before leaving Hyderabad.

1.     GOLKONDA FORT – Golconda fort situated on a mountain has the beautiful architecture around it. There is a splendid view of the city from its top. It is a must visit place for the visitors want to know a mysterious history around it. Once upon a time place of Kohinoor and other diamonds. It was known for the diamond center of the country.

2.     CHARMINAR – The history of Hyderabad started from the place of charminar. It is located at the center of the city holding a lot of attraction around every pillar around it. A mosque just situated near to it gives a very peaceful environment. One of the roads takes you to the shopping market and to the salar Jung museum (holding the collection from the whole world) with a large no of items.

3.     HUSSAIN SAGAR – The largest heart shape lake of the world with sparkling beauty around it. There are plenty number of parks situated near it. A place to enjoy the weekends. A place to ride on boat and ship. The place is a pearl of Hyderabad.


4.     RAMOG FILMCITY - he places you’ve heard about till now only in the fairy tales come alive here in a mixture of dazzling colors. Ramoji Film City, owned by entrepreneur-cum-film producer Ramoji Rao, is magnificently built across 2,000 acres of land. Right at the entrance you will find two three-star hotels called Tara and Sitara, where you will be given a royal treatment as a visitor. The splendid looking place is famous for its sets and can make your day with the resplendent things on offer.

5.     HYDERABADI BIRWANI – Hyderabad is famous for all over the world for its biryani. There are various spots where you can have it. Paradise near Husain sagar is a great to serve you a better food. You can also go for bawarchi and other brands of Hyderabad to taste it at least once.



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