The word “Entrepreneurship” itself creates a sensation inside the whole body. Suddenly images of Steve jobs, Richard Branson, Bill gates e.t.c. starts coming in front of our eyes. Does it really have a power for which it is hyped on from decades? It refers to two most important thing money and fame because of which people dying to have this attitude.

1)      Money - It is totally depends upon idea of the product or service around which your business is based. If you don’t have dream and idea to survive for few years, don’t dare to follow it. Most of the people choose it because they want to be rich in an age of less than 30 years.

2)       Fame – Always money is directly proportional to the fame. If not then the lifestyle of a rich people can create a lot of fan following. People want to have entrepreneurship just because CEO sounds cool and it earns a respect in the society.

Now we can talk something about JOB what actually I am doing right now. “JOB” is a word which people finds out as a “JUST-OBEY-BOSS” but is it really so? I can connect with people who will say job is the worst thing ever they faced in life and the reasons are the –

1)      9-5 daily routine. Doing things on time and repeat it again and again.
2)      Working under a pressure of someone else.
3)      Not ending up with expectations from the company side.
4)      Appraisal problems.
5)      No holiday in free of cost. One has to tell a solid reason.
6)      Not okay relations with colleagues and clients.
7)      And many more unending list………………………………..

But what I am trying to suggest you from my article is that job or entrepreneurship both are the same platform to grow and earn respect. One side gives a feeling of self satisfaction and other side gives a feeling of competition. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Not everybody can become entrepreneur without hiring employee and not every employee can become entrepreneur with learning the organization structure.

You people are wondering about my title how I ended up with peace so let’s have a list of it that gives a certain kind of life what you want from it without thinking about entrepreneurship and jobs…

1)      Explore the fields and topics that excite you it has nothing to do with jobs or entrepreneurship.
2)      Spent time in places where you always wanted to be.
3)      Love your skills and profession. You can’t hate it.
4)      Love your life and its value.
5)      Read books or watch movies or do whatever you want to like click pictures, art paintings, compose music or anything.
6)      Learn new skills, meet new people and teach lessons.
7)      Life is easy if you really want to see it from heart only people make it complex.

So enjoy the life. Have a good luck J


  1. nice article mubeen.......u really are becoming a good writer and a would be Philosopher I think....
    It feels good to know that someone of us is really chasing HIS DREAM.....
    -Keep thinking Keep writing-



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