The power of letter from a writers mind


Writing is a power, brand, miracle, vehicle, warrior, sword, weapon in fact it is above all. It is said that books are the best friend but where the books come from? It’s the writing from a pen on the paper that gives vehicle to the thought to move around everywhere in the form of the books from mind to mind.

When I was a child I try to remember the things in my mind told by elders as I don’t know to use the paper and pen, I want to convey my message to them but just from the mouth as because of the same reason. Sometimes I fought with my friends and there were no proof of who is wrong and who is wrong just because we don’t know the letters. One fine day I found meaning in the images, in the letters, in the papers. I was reading about the history of ancient men’s, I was reading about their traditions, their habits and their evolutions. I was amazed to see the power of letters it was conveying information of thousand years ago to a child. Isn’t it a power? As the times moves I found the article in the newspaper about an event in my village. I was delighted to participate in just because of those few letters that conveyed information to me. Isn’t it power of attraction?

I saw in my teenage that giving love letters is easier than confessing it in front. It’s the power of writer in writing that helps to win his heart. Sometimes I feel about why dozens of people can’t change my mind while a single book did it. Sometimes I write about the thoughts that are hard to convey but easy to write. Why a person feels happy by reading just few words in the book? Why people smile while reading love stories?  Letters gives the power of imagination to mind and I enjoyed it a lot. I know you people too enjoyed it anywhere in life.

Writers are the best professionals who do work for the souls. Every other do it for the money. Writers are main creatures responsible for the social change, the letters came from the mind can change anything inside the world. A book on child labor can change the situation of next generation livelihood; a book on the wild life reservation can decide the life of jungles. It’s the power of writers only who from any medium can change the status of the people across them. A good script writer is responsible for good movies that affect the mass people. A good journalist column inside a newspaper can change the government to think about the situation.

Writers are the life of this world whose writing can change the thoughts, reactions and situation of society.



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