"From a procurement associate to a 5 STAR Rating Author" - Sabi Shaikh


"From a procurement associate to a 5 STAR Rating Author" - Sabi Shaikh

Hello Sabi, It’s a great moment for me in welcoming you again for our readers. The last time you were here just before the launch of “via-Delhi a twisted tail of love”. Now things certainly changed for you in the meanwhile. You are a successful writer and a lot of questions are waiting here for you. So from starting 


How was the first week just after the launch of your book?      
It was phenomenal. My friends and readers started treating me like a celebrity. I was sold out on Amazon.in, Flipkart.com and Infibeam.com in no time. It exceeded my expectations in a big time. You won’t believe that fact that I have my very own “Sabi Shaikh’s Fan group” on whatsapp. Hahahaha …. Someone up there is definitely happy with me. It just took me 1 book to establish myself as a writer. But to be very honest with you I am still a very ordinary man with very ordinary habits.

From an ordinary man how gradually people started recognize you as a writer?
I had to do a hell lot of online marketing on various social media sites. I just kept on talking about my debut novel every single day to any random person that I met in person on or these social media sites. When you are a debutante you have very limited or no resources at all. In my case I had no resources. I had to promote and market my debut novel all by myself. It has all paid off, isn’t it? I feel really nice when people address me as Writer Sahaab. I feel a sense of achievement. Nothing comes easy and I really had to slog my a** to get to where I am today.

Hard work always paid off. As Autographs are the dreams of every writer. Who was the first lucky one to get an autograph from your side and what were your feelings at that time?
My first ever autograph was given to a girl named Juweria. I can never forget this name for as long as I live. I was clearly on cloud nine and the best part was that my book was still not out in the market. This is exactly what good marketing can do.

The reactions of society are important in every phase of life. What special attention you have got in your circle after the celebrity treatment?
As said earlier, I am still a very ordinary man. When people address me as a celebrity my heart actually skips a few beats. I really don’t bother myself with the reaction of the society. Good or bad, I don’t let it get to my head. My friends still treat me as the same old Sabi which makes me very happy. Does featuring in the newspapers, giving e-magazine and on-air Radio interviews give you a celebrity status? Honestly I don’t know.

Since your book is based on a love story. Tell us something about love in your views? How do you see it in terms of cultures and religions?
Every religion teaches you to love then why is religion a problem when it comes to Love? 
Different people have different views and opinion about love. But for me Love for me is something which is definitely worth fighting for. Love is all about being happy and trust me Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. It makes you feel Alive about the culture and religions?? I really don’t care. We live in a country that is full of Hypocrites and I doubt that anything will ever change. People will still murder love stories in the name of culture and religion. Do you think this makes God happy? I don’t think so. Nothing will ever change Nazar but I will still keep trying to be the change. I will still keep writing to influence people and their mentalities. All my books would revolve around the INDIAN SAMAAJ. Someone needs to be blunt and call them a Hypocrite; I decided to be that someone.

That’s great thoughts and you had done good job in your book too.Which is your favorite character and very close to you in “via-Delhi a twisted tail of love “and why?
That would be Rafique khan, Saifu’s father. The role that he has played often leaves my readers speechless. My father cried after reading this novel and I am sure any father would. It shows a Father love which is not always loud like a Mothers love. It’s silent and yet it manages to speak volumes. 

What are your next plans?
Bollywood… I want to write scripts for Bollywood someday. Insha’Allah let’s see how far this goes. I am the kind of a person who never gives up on his dreams. I think giving up on your dreams is a Sin. So I am ready to work harder and put in more effort. I’ll get there someday.

Bollywood… Which actors you want to see playing a lead role inside it?
Saifuddin khan’s role should be played by Ranveer Singh. Mridu Bhattacharya’s role should be played by Ileana D’cruz. Ricky’s role would be absolutely perfect for Vir Das and Rafique Khan’s role should be played by Boman Irani Sahaab.

How it is connected to the audience and what ratings book has got on the online stores?
Via Delhi – A twisted tale of Love has and overall rating of 5 STARS with some amazing reviews on Amazon, Flip kart, Infibeam and Goodreads so I am assuming that the book has managed to connect with the audience in a sublime manner. I hope that this 5 STAR streak continues.

Tell us something about your next book?        
My next novel is a Love story. It would revolve around the life of a cancer patient. This novel would be full of unexpected twists and turns too. I call it the Sabi’s touch. I can’t reveal anything more at the moment.

Tell us the support of the publishing house in bringing the book to a front and contribution in its success?
Can I use the statement “NO COMMENTS” here? I have recently shifted to Gargi Publishers and they would be publishing and marketing my books from now on. The reason for that are more professionalism and a better distribution channel. I want my book to be available at every nook and corner of the Country.  
That’s the spirit inside you which talks a lot about you. Have a great future ahead.



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