Coding is a magic in the hand of programmers. One can write the few lines of codes to change the way world was thinking before. As internet era started dominating the world, programmers and coders started dominating the power. It is the art and equally the skill that can create a new sensation to the whole planet. Few personalities already had shown how the world runs behind them. GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, APPLE and YAHOO all depends on some hands who have created it and who are working on it. The fact about coding is that it is not so easy to learn as it seems to be. There is always some sort of horror revolving around the minds of coders. The five personalities are…..

1.       I know the syntax but I don’t know how to use it – The first kinds of coders are the syntax coders who always know about syntax but they don’t know how to use it. Every time they went out to solve any problem they fear to implement it. They are the person weak in logics hence ends up a day with no output.

2.       I know the logics but what the syntax is all about – The second kind possess mind and solution to the problem but they fear to implement it just because they don’t know the syntax. They always thought to build their own language where syntax is according to them.

3.       I am the programming freak you were searching for – Third category people are all about genius. They know the programming and they live on it. They solve complex problems in their mind only and implement them in a fraction of seconds. They know to do the one thing in many ways including best possible ways.

4.       I hate programming but I want to become bill gates – The  Fourth category is all about the coders who had chosen programming as there area of interest just to become bill gates or Steve jobs but neither they know anything about coding nor they want to learn.  They just contribute the numbers in an IT sector nothing else.

5.       I am the one who is changing the world – The last one is the people who are changing the world with their contribution to an open source world. They write a program, develop a project and upload all the stuffs in free of cost. Actually the world of hackers and crackers like them. They have their own world and hardly care about anything else.



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