A night with the Stranger


It was the dark night in a monsoon season with silence all around everywhere. A little rain drenching the roads with its pure drops, nobody was there to ride a bike or a car due to the heavy water flowing on the roads like a river. I was standing alone in a corner searching for some tea stall so that I can cure myself from the cold but found nothing. I was hopeless in the midnight to get any auto rickshaw or city bus which can took me to home in this night. I was cursing the idea to stay for so long at friends home.

Everywhere I was searching someone who can help me in this hectic situation that I encountered for the first time. I sat down beneath the tree to wait for the morning; there was no hope that I could reach the home today. Neither have I had a battery in my cell phone to call my friend. After around 1 hour I started sobbing down by fearing the environment, the rainy season that I liked the most once is seems to looking like a curse for today.

Some more time passed on then at around 2 a.m. I saw some light in the middle of the road, a ray of hope started generating in my mind and it comes true when I actually saw that old person. He was a stranger but for me he was a hope of survival for the night.  As soon as I saw closer to me I stood up and asked for some help. He was an old person with a stick in one hand and torch in another. He was a wise person and judged the situation quickly. He offered me his blanket and some biscuits but I said -no politely then he talked about the weather how it changed drastically in a few hours. I was shivering at that time and also felt a little fever.
He asked about my home and how I trapped in this situation then told me about his shed few steps ahead and took me with him. He also called a doctor nearby who had given some initial medicines. I was thanking him from my heart but the way he had given his time and importance to me I still remember even today. On the next day I went away to my home thanking him.

We often find many strangers in our life but that day I got someone whom I remember till today. In an unknown city how he helped me is still one of the best memories of my college days.



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