We are international idiots, listen to our story - War Stories


Life is very short and we know it very well but perhaps not everybody knows about it and that is why so much turbulence, so much war and so much blood on this planet. We can live in peace and can share food, cloth, and shelter but no we want privacy, power, and domination.

There are enormous amount of factors that can make us happy but no when we kill people that make us happy, when we go and take possession of other’s home it makes us happy, when we detach father from family and son from mother this makes us happy, when we go and shut everybody in far unknown regions this makes us happy. Who are we? We are the people who question about the authenticity of others without checking on our own. We question about the lifestyle of others whereas our own lifestyle is pretty bad. We question about the belief of others but we don’t believe in us.

If someone is believing in god we attack them saying god is nothing, if someone is believing on his rituals we attack them and say no rituals are correct, if someone is believing on their tribe and culture again we attack them and say there is no tribe and culture to choose from and choose us. We are the people who want to rule you, we want that each breath of you plead to us for living and neither we are god and nor angels.

We are the people who designed borders such that no person from the bad part of the world can reach to the good part, we designed the system which follows the rule that says you need permission to travel from point A to B. We are the people who took your land by killing your ancestors. We are the one who started divide and rule policy to see you dying day by day. We are the one who coined term war and invented all big weapons and most are in progress that you never heard of. We are the one who tarnished Japan by bombing it because people were not good. We are the one who killed each other during the partition of the countries. We are the one who can kill in the name of religion and it didn’t matter to us whether my god told or not.

We are the one who can bomb our own people without any solid reason. for us, hatred is in our blood and nobody from us questions it. We kill people because they play music, we kill people because they party hard, and we kill people because they follow different religion. We damage countries not once twice but any number of times because somewhere there is fuel which cost a lot in the international market. We want to provide our kids better education and better life but we want children of other countries to die from bullets. We don’t accept people like they are but we tell them how they should need to be if they want to gain our acceptance. We are everywhere and we made up of hatred, anger, greed, lure, lust and seduction.  

We don’t follow any religion, any rule, any saying, any truth, any person or anything. We are the monster in with own ideas. People know we are idiots but we think we are a genius.



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